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Essay on “Tomorrow When The War Began”

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That 'Evil is a human invention'. And I agree with her. When the dragonfly eats the mosquito, the hermit and when Elli blows up the lawn mower are all excellent point which I will be discussing and arguing about throughout this essay . The first point is when the dragon fly eats the mosquito. Elli makes the point that when the dragonfly eats the mosquito it is in reality nature but humans seem to take this simple act of life and turn it into something evil and dark. To make this mint more clear and defined, here is a line from the book. He was eating it alive. Bit by bit the mosquito, still struggling wildly, was munched up. " If someone else was in Else's position they may have even killed the dragon fly because they thought it was that evil. My second point is the Hermit. The Hermit is one of the side stories in the book they don't get that deep into the story but they give up just enough details to make a point out of it. The hermit in the book is considered to be evil by everyone in Wearied. But when Elli discovers the Hermits den she finds old documents and photo's of his family.

If he was so evil why would he keep them. Personally I think that he was putting his family out of their misery by shooting them, and he stayed away from everyone because he could not stand being judged. My third and final point is when Elli blows up the lawn mower. After doing so she starts to question herself throughout the book and cannot make clear decisions because of this. She keeps asking herself the question ' am an evil person. Her friend tell her that she had to do it or her friends may have been killed and that makes her wonder 'is evil a human invention.

If this was the animal kingdom and she was a lioness and a hyena was trying to eat her cubs there is no doubt that the lioness would fight the hyena. That again would not be evil in reality, in reality that would be nature. In conclusion I think that evil is a human invention and that Elli try's to fight this fact and also tries to embrace it. This becomes more bold when she blows up the lawn mower, Discovers the Hermit is real and when the dragonfly eats the mosquito. In the end I think and will continue thinking that evil is a human invention.

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