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The World Tomorrow

Essay Topic:

In a dimly-lit alley filled with strewn garbage and nondescript graffiti over the walls, a magnificent sight somewhat overpowered the rather dismal scene.A bright city that was once filled with concrete buildings, stood gleaming against a dark evening sky.The building are pearly-white, sleek, patterned after many ultra-modern designs of the day.

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Yet the city still retained vestiges of the past, with many obsolete yet historic buildings scattered around the city. Cars still fill the busy highways in and around the city.

The luxurious-looking cars are environment friendly, has the most up-to-date safety features, while remaining affordable to most of the citizens. And yet, in spite of all these advancements, the human race envisioned something better than themselves – creating artificial intelligence in order to decrease the woes of manual labor. Humans then have the power of god himself, not only creating life but also creating consciousness. This intelligence is implanted on machines that replaces manual labor that human beings usually do. Highly-efficient, low-maintenance and cheap, human life may have become marginally easier than in the past.

Yet, society remains. Humans, motivated by individual will, still create problems that eventually destroys themselves. There is still much squabble of power, sphere of influence and domination over other countries. Political power becomes the forefront of every country, always trying to prove dominance Even with the disguise of modern development, the essence of society still remains as a grim reminder of the past. In twenty years, the human race would have taken a great leap forward in technology, but would have evolved slowly as a society. As long as there humans on earth, there will be always misunderstanding.

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