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Cory and Noynoy were both known in the field of politics; they have their hopes, visions and actions toward change to help our country – in the area of economic development in general, and as well as its citizens. They also had several major accomplishments that benefited the Filipinos and helped the nation to cope up from despair. They both had their start in the said realm. Cory being the first one to step on the governance than Noynoy, started in year 1986 and noted as the first female president of the Republic of the Philippines and Asia.

Noynoy, following the examples left by his gallant parents took part in politics and considered as the fourth-generation politician of their family; He entered in year 1998 as a member of the House of Representatives from Tarlac's 2nd district and now as the 15th and current president of our nation (since June 2010). Both of them envisioned and took actions to provide a better tomorrow to every Filipino. Cory’s motivation in handling governance was to bring back economic health and confidence after Marcos’ abusive acts under his reign that brought misery to our country.

She also envisioned and made achievements that; First, agrarian and land reform as the centerpiece of her administration's social legislative agenda. Second, she reinstated the writ of habeas corpus, the right of a prisoner to appear before a judge, and abolished the government's ability to imprison people at will, which had been in effect since 1981. Third, she promised to promote the right to assemble peaceably, and free speech along with prosecuting corruption and abusers of human rights.

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Fourth, she said she would revitalize the sugar industry by breaking the monopoly. She acknowledged the special relationship with the United States but emphasized that her concern was with the Filipinos, not the Americans. Even after her sovereignty, she was heavily involved in several charitable activities and socio-economic initiatives. She supported other causes such as the Gawad Kalinga social housing project for the poor and homeless. Noynoy on the other hand, continuously pushes for legislation which helps Filipino workers and consumers. The President also nvisioned and takes actions that: First, in 2016 tourist arrivals will figure at 10 million; Second, by next year he forecasted that we will be a rice sufficient country and will have the capability to get back as a rice exporting country; Third, infrastructure projects for the next year; Fourth, strengthening our defense capabilities especially now that we are in dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea; Fifth, his call for the congress to amend the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the revision of the Mining Law which will increase the percentage of the government’s share in the revenues from mining; Sixth, the passing of the sin tax law and the government’s achievement in the fight against corruption through the successful impeachment trial of the former Chief Justice Renato Corona, and many other countless plans for the Philippines. Cory and Noynoy achieved major accomplishments during their administration. First, on Cory’s term, she restored Philippine democracy and provided freedom for the citizens.

Second, she improved agrarian and land reform; And after stepping down from the presidency, Cory Aquino remained active in helping nurture the fragile Philippine democracy. Largely through the Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. Foundation (BSAF), she supported programs that promoted people empowerment, peace and human rights. In the final years of her life, she devoted much time and energy to harnessing private sector support for the microfinance sector. Her vision was to strengthen the infrastructure that would transform micro-enterprise development into a potent vehicle for raising “people power” to the next level, slowly creating a broad middle class that would fortify the foundations of Philippine democracy. Meanwhile, on Noynoy’s period of influence, the country had gains in tourism and agriculture.

He also continuously works on his pursuance for a corruption-free country and other numerous concerns that our nation faces. President Cory did not pursue for more time in power after her term. She strongly declined the requests for her to seek reelection for she wanted to set an example to both citizens and politicians that the presidency is not a lifetime position. Cory and Noynoy are both effective leaders; They may have different advocacies but their goal centers on change and a brighter future for our country. They both started on politics, had visions and pursues for change as well as success and had carried out major accomplishments for the Filipinos.

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