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Example Of Business Letter

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Customer Service Representative: I recently purchased one of your Tiny Tents (Model # 47485) for my three-year old. Unfortunately. After beveling the components that came with the product. I discovered that four of the parts were missing. Also, the instructions that came with the tent are incomplete. Both of these situations have resulted In the tent remaining unassembled and unacceptable as a toy for my daughter.

I am writing to request placements for the missing parts, and a copy of the full set of assembly directions for the model I purchased. If reasonable arrangements are not made within ten business days, I will return the tent to the store I purchased It from and expect a full refund. To assist you In processing my request, I am Including a copy of my sales receipt and a list of the missing parts. I have purchased other toys manufactured by your company in the past, and have always been impressed with the quality and selection Tiny Tots has made available to its customers.

I sincerely hope this is a one- mime incident, and that any future purchases I make will live up to the standard my family has come to expect from your company. Sincerely, Signature Mrs.. Clara Winters 12187 S. Polo Dry. Fairfax, VA 22030 Enclosures: 2 March 6, 2009 Angela Property Somerville, VA 22590 Dear Ms. Property: I hope that you are doing well. My name is Lydia Lease, and I am an attorney at Sell Your House, Inc. I am writing in regards to a parcel of land located at 225 Parcel SST. , Richmond, VA. My client, Mrs..

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Example Of Business Letter

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Tibia Land, is running into some difficulties in selling ere property that is apparently still under lease by your organization. This parcel of land (100 Ft by 300 Ft) is located at the back of my client's property. According to the city records, the lease was initiated in September, 2001, and never terminated. After calling your lease office, it appears that you no longer make use of this property. In order for my client to be able to sell her property, the lease must be cleared. This parcel of land is still under your organization's name.

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