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Example of a Letter Written to Christopher

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Dear Christopher, Thank you for your question on how to chat. I am your agony aunt, and my name is Skye, and I am writing to you to answer your question which was; how do I chat? Firstly, you must always try to be kind to the person that you want to chat with. You must never try to make them upset or hurt them, even if they are being mean to you. Sometimes it can be hard to understand what somebody is really saying because they might be using a metaphor or sarcasm or an expression which you don’t understand.

If you don’t understand them, then you must ask them to; “please repeat what you have just said, because I didn’t understand you”. If they repeat their comment and you still don’t understand them, you must ask them to; “please rephrase what you have said, I didn’t understand you and this is because I struggle to understand certain things like metaphors and faces which have more than one meaning. ” When you have a conversation with someone or try to do chatting, you must ask them questions such as:

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  1. How are you?
  2. What is your favourite colour?
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. What hobbies do you like?
  5. Do you like the Apollo space missions?

This is called ‘finding common ground’ and this means finding things that both of you like or dislike. I f they like things that you also like, then you can tell them that you also like that thing and tell them all the things that you know about that topic, and then ask them what they know about it.

When they are talking, you must listen to them and not interrupt or talk over them because they might think that this is rude and this might upset them. If they interrupt you or talk over you, you must ask them to; “please listen to what I am saying because I think that you might like it. ” If they carry on talking over you or interrupting you then you must tell them; “Please stop interrupting me because I am talking and interrupting is rude and I did not interrupt you so please could you do the same for me because this is common courtesy. If they carry on interrupting you then you can walk away and go play with your rat Toby or do some maths. If someone is mean or makes you upset when you are trying to do chatting with them then you must ask them to stop because they are upsetting you and if they carry on then you must count to 50, than go tell Siobhan or your Father or another member of staff that this person is making you upset. Remember that you must never hurt anyone, even if they hurt you first because this is called retaliation and retaliation is bad.

You must tell Siobhan or Father or another teacher what they have done. Lastly, you mentioned in your letter to me that you go to a special school and have someone called Siobhan who you work with and who helps you, so you can ask Siobhan to help you to practice doing chatting and she will. Thank you for your letter, if you have any other questions please ask me them and I will answer them. Your agony aunt, Mary

Example of a Letter Written to Christopher essay

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