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Writing a Formal Letter/Example

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Dear Mr. Patel, According to your interview, we understand that you are strictly against the usage of cellphones despite the fact that there are many good reasons to use them . I wanted to say that I both agree and disagree with your opinions at different points. At the beggining of the interview, you mentioned people’s attention was taken away from the substantial things in life and also claimed that the dissapointment of not recieving any texts made them upset or rather neurotic.

Afterwards continued with remarking cellphones are somewhat compelling and said they threaten our lifes if used whilst driving. Also pointed out the common puctuation error which children make because of the language they use when they write a text and said there were distractions in classes and alleged the use of cellphones as a reason. You told the interviewer cellphones assaulted one’s privacy and solitude and people looked silly whilst talking with cellphones then declared that you would rather be without a cellphone.

The interviewer stated some opinions of his, converse to your opinions. Disagreeing with the opinions againt the usage of cellphones, he affirmed that it was essential four communicating with one’s children and informing people if one’s car broke down or is going to delay. He added there were not many telephone land lines in some places such as Africa, which made cellphones useful. Then ended his words with saying cellphones have a great role in solving crime.

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Whilst I agree with half of your opinions such as texting and driving threatens lifes and they ruin our peace and solitude, I do not agree with you on your opinions of children distraction. Although most of the children use cellphone, not all of them are distracted or making punctuation mistakes. Before being this prejudiced about cellphones, please consider the advantages of them. It might be the best to try reduce the usage without utterly rejecting them. Yours sincerely

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