Everything; Tragic Heartbreak

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Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon is all about Relationships and Heartbreak. Maddie has a sickness and has never been able to experience the world that all changes when she meets Olly. Some of the most trusted people can make the most hurtful decisions is shown when Maddie falls for Olly, when Maddie runs away to Hawaii, and when Maddie finds out what her mother did. Maddie soon realizes that she has fallen in love with Olly. At this time Olly is and his sister come over with a bundt cake as a meet the neighbors gesture, but Maddie’s mom can’t accept the cake without revealing the Maddie is sick with SCID. That night Olly’s dad gets upset because Maddie’s family didn’t accept the bundt and Olly climbs to the roof to think. Olly comes back down and shuts his shade when he sees Maddie.  I'm not moping, I say, though I’ve been moping a little. Olly’s rejection has made feel like a little girl again. For seven nights Olly’s pretends the Bundt is alive, night 1 Bundt commits suicide. Then Maddie doesn’t look at the window for a while. Night four the Bundt has bandaids on it, night five the Bundt has alcohol, pills, and cigarettes. Night six Olly pretends the Bundt is in the hospital and dies, “Olly appears wearing a white jacket and stethoscope. He’s frowning down at the Bundt and listening for a heartbeat. Olly looks up and shakes his head solemnly. Night seven he is a priest during a service, then Maddie finally laughs He’s performing last rites of the Bundt. Finally, I cannot help it. I laugh and laugh and laugh and he writes on his window his email. They email and she tells him a joke recipe for a bundt made out of concrete.

Maddie wants to experience the world so that when she dies she died seeing the world not sitting in her room. Maddie buys plane tickets to Hawaii for her and Olly. Olly is really concerned for Maddie but she lies to him and tells him that she has these experimental pills that will have her SCID. What if something happens to you? Nothing will But what if it does? I have the pills, Olly. They’re going to work’ He squeezes his eyes shut and puts his hand on the key.” Olly and Maddie are in Hawaii now and they arrived at the hotel. Maddie and Olly is super excited about it too, Welcome to Maui, Mr. and Mrs. Whittier says the woman at the desk. He doesn’t correct her mistake, just pulls me closer and gives me a loud smack on the lips. Maddie’s mom is going crazy worrying about her and so Maddie emails her mom after her mom emails her a bunch and says that she is ok and nothing’s wrong, “Please don’t worry, Mom. And please don’t come here. I’m really OK and it’s my life too. I love you. I’ll see you soon. So they are having a great time in Hawaii till Maddie wakes up from a nap and goes to the bathroom to look in the mirror and collapses on the floor and then Olly rushes Maddie to the hospital.

Maddie comes back from the hospital and back into her old house, Olly comes back too and tries to contact Maddie. She is upset with the situation and wants nothing to do with Olly even though she loves him. A couple days later she gets an email from Dr. Melissa Francis the doctor who helped her in Maui. Dr. Francis says that she doesn’t think Maddie has SCID. “You need to know that I’ve studied your case very closely. I don’t believe you have, or have ever had, SCID”. So Maddie asks her mom and she tells Maddie that not everybody understands SCID and that the doctor shouldn’t have given Maddie's hopes up. The next day Maddie get suspicious and goes through her mother's files and sees the one labeled Madeline she goes through it and finds nothing about her being diagnosed with SCID. “ Where are all the papers’I demand. Madeline Whittier what are you talking about? You have records for everything, but there’s nothing about SCID in here. Why can’t I find anything?’ I grab the red folder from the ground and shove it at her.

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You have everything else. What are you talking about’ she asks. ‘Of course, it’s in here. Did you look carefully? I keep everything. Did you take them? I know they were in here.’ Her voice is thick with confusion and, also, fear. And that’s when I know for sure. I am not sick and I never have been. She finds this out and her mother explains to her why she told Maddie she was sick. It’s because her mother lost her husband and son passed away and after they did Maddie got extremely ill and her mother jumped to conclusions and said it was SCID but Maddie finally found out from Dr. Chase that she for sure doesn’t have SCID. At this point Maddie has started a new life, she has been awoken and now is experiencing new things. Maddie fell for Olly hard, she also fled to Hawaii with him, and to top it off she found out her mothers secret. Maddie’s life was an adventure, she had a blast with Olly and she also when through the hardship with her mother, but overall she learned trusted people don’t always make happy, cheerful decisions including herself.

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