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DR. LINZIE SPRING 2013 MARLON RIGGS: ETHNIC NOTIONS 1. Which theoretical paradigm is presented in the film to study race relations? This video presents a symbolic integrationist perspective. It evaluates how people in the United States have used symbols to belittle a race of people. Society used certain symbols and caricatures to communicate ideas to the general public. 2. What is socialization? Socialization is the lifelong process by which people learn the ways of the society in which they live.

The process by which humans acquire a sense of self or a social identity, develop their human capacities, learn culture, and learn about the expected behaviors. 3. What is culture? (What are the two main forms of culture? ) Sociologically, culture is the way of life of a people. The two main forms of culture are material culture ( all the physical objects that people have invented or borrowed from other cultures) and nonmaterial culture ( the intangible human creations that include beliefs, values, norms, and symbols). . What is social structure? Social structure is a system that coordinates human activities in broadly predictable ways, shaping relationships and opportunities to connect to others, gives people an identity, puts up barriers to accessing resources and people, and determines the relative ease or difficulty with which those barriers can be broken. 5. What is identity and how do culture and social structure construct identity and socialize new members in terms of these images?

The way we live and the people we socialize on a daily basis made a difference on how we identify ourselves. Cultures gives us ideas of what is acceptable and what material objects we have to play, work, and develop. Meanwhile, social structure gives us an advantage, or disadvantage that helps us develop skills and connections that will identify us. 6. What are the names and images used in each socio-economic period? - Emancipation (pre/post) -Reconstruction (pre/post) -Civil Rights (pre/post) NOTES:

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