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Essentially, leadership is about people management

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Mohandas Gandhi once admitted that “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” Essentially, leadership is about people management. As a leader, one has to realize that the value of leadership is determined by the ability of the leader to deal fairly with the people placed under him. Interestingly, we can say that all men are leaders. This is because in one way or the other, we all occupy a position where someone is under us.

However, it is sad to note that not all men know what leadership is truly about thereby making a mess of their positions. Therefore, in order to have an efficient society, it becomes imperative to have a platform where leadership can be addressed and people can be taught the rudiments of leadership. I consider The Leadership Development Program (LPD) organized by The Venetian to be such a rare platform.

As an undergraduate, my academic background was in English and literature. During my years in college, I was selected to be the volunteer interpreter in international conferences, conventions, and trade shows. While I was discharging my duties, I realized how much I like to communicate with people and the heart I have for helping them. It was an eye-opener to the fact that I am naturally configured to fit into the hospitality industry. As a result, I decided to start my career in hospitality industry since I really like interacting people who have different perspectives and cultural back ground. As an integral part of my career aspirations, I hope to work in a hotel someday as Human Resource Personnel or any aspect that involves management.

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Dreams don’t just come true and success requires extra effort. Apart from this, I have come to discover that in order to be a leader, one must first follow and learn. This has made me embark on the quest of personal career enhancement. In order to accomplishment my vision I know this require me to enroll for a credible program where I can learn how to improve my leadership and managerial skills so that I can be of help to the customers that will come my way daily. This is what informed my decision to enroll for The Leadership Development Program organized by The Venetian.

After going through the several leadership development programs that I could lay my hands on, I felt the one organized by the Venetian is the best. However, after I have carefully gone through the site and the programs offered, I needed nobody to tell me that this was what I have been looking for. What caught my fancy was the level of organization of the company. I was attracted to the site itself and the idea of being taught by the “executives of one of the world’s most successful hospitality and entertainment companies” made my stomach rumble. I also find the program appealing because of the fact that I will be able to get world class jobs with the affiliates of the company after the program.

On the whole, I believe that I will find the program memorable as this is the big break I have been looking for. I know one day I will look back and be grateful I made the decision to enroll for the Venetian Leadership Development Program!

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