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Leadership in People Management in Hospitality and Tourism

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We should ask ourselves a question, Are leaders born or made? The answer to this question is, we can only be born with certain qualities which make us good leaders instinctively but true leaders are the ones who develop their skill. Having good leadership skills to lead a good team of hospitality professionals is absolutely necessary and quite a daunting task.

A hospitality team leader has have a good sense of judgement and direction and he has to be an inspiration to his team to make their true capabilities prosper.There are certain guidelines which are followed by successful hospitality team leaders: 1. Test the waters: a team leader has to find out what people think about your style of management. Getting a good feedback from the hospitality team is essential in an open environment. 2.

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Good Listening: The team will have certain grievances and it is the duty of a good hospitality team leader to understand and try to solve those issues. 3.

Effective Communication: in order to develop into a good leader a hospitality professional has to be able to be a great listener. . Be a people’s person: a hospitality team leader should be able to understand what are the capabilities of his team. 5. Be a role model: your team should be able to invest faith in you that you will do what you say. 6. Involvement of team: A hospitality team leader becomes a good team leader only when he involves his team in the decision making process.

7. Success evaluation should be on the basis of your team: in hospitality, it is very important for the team leader to know the strengths and weaknesses of his team.

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