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Empire of the Sun

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Love and Compassion The final scene of Empire of the Sun demonstrates the gathering between the separated children and their parents. Everyone seems very happy to finally reunite with their loved ones and realize how much they have missed them. Jamie, the boy in the movie, seems to have forgotten what his mother looks like because they have been separated for so long. This final scene demonstrates the importance of our loved ones, and how we should always cherish them because you may be separated from them without notice. Jamie illustrates that even though he was separated from his mother for so long, their love for each other remains.

This scene demonstrates the compassion and care we have for our families, and how meeting someone after so long creates a special feeling. It reminds us how strong love can still remain after a long period of time, even so long that you forget how they look. This scene also demonstrates the special feeling when we reunite with your loved ones. At the beginning of the final scene, there were children playing inside a building when a nurse comes along and says “gather in children, come along” to organize the children. The parents then walk into the building and line up across from them, looking around for their loved ones.

One mother cannot contain her love and rushes out from the line calling out, “Julie. ” This demonstrates the mother couldn’t wait any longer to see her daughter and this shows she has great care, compassion and love for her. They reunite, and begin hugging illustrating their affection, and how they feel. The mother of Jamie walks toward her son and he stares at her. Jamie seems as though he doesn’t remember her appearance, and begins to feel her lip, takes of her hat to feel her hair, and feels her clothing. He then remembers his mother and hugs her. This shows that even after this long period of time, the love for each other remains.

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While they are caressing, Jamie closes his eyes suggesting he feels safe and comfortable in his mother’s arms, perhaps after a scary situation. In conclusion, in the final scene of the Empire of the Sun, there is recognition of the compassion between the loved ones in the film. This scene reminds me of love and compassion as watched this because it reminds me of the important people in my life, and the special feeling the children received once reuniting with their loved ones. Overall, this scene symbolizes love, compassion, care, and the importance of family, due to my response to this scene.

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