Achievements of the gupta empire

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The Gupta Empire, which covered most parts of Northern India and parts of Pakistan, was ruled by members of the Gupta dynasty from around 280 to 550 C.E. The capital was called Paliputra which is presently known as Patna in the Indian state of Bihar.  The level of peace and prosperity that was created within the leadership of Guptas enabled scientific and artistic endeavors.

According to Beye, Charles Rowan (1975), Greek culture had deep influence on the Empire of Rome. Civilization of the ancient Greeks has been greatly influential on politics, education systems, languages, philosophy, arts and science.

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Civilization, according to Mark Whitaker (1997), refers to contradictory relation between a ruling class and a class of producers. Egyptian civilization was brought about by different aspects. River Nile was one major contributor of the Egyptian civilization. There are various similarities in terms of achievements of the Gupta Empire to those of the Classical Greek or Egyptian civilizations.

Gupta Empire and the Egyptian Empire made great achievement in artistry. Sculpture is one of the greatest artistic achievements in the Gupta Empire. The sculptors worked with wood, stone bronze and clay called terra cotta.

Gupta sculptors were mainly concerned with indicating the human form gracefully and simply. Egyptians too achieved a fit in artistry in that they used the skills to construct pyramids and monuments for the pharaoh. The pyramids portrayed their true identity and rich cultural heritage.

Education is one other aspect of achievement that characterized the achievement of both the Gupta Empire and the ancient Egypt. Literature of Gupta Empire is usually considered to be among the greatest achievements. Gupta writers created plays, fables, and poetry, as well as important legal and religious texts. One India classic poems called Mahabharata, reached the final form during the Gupta era Mathematics

The mathematicians of Gupta era made useful discoveries that have greatly influenced human civilization because mathematics has become a fundamental in our day to day life

On the other hand, the Egyptians were very much practical in their approach to mathematics their trade required that they deal in fractions. Trade also required division and multiplication to be possible so they improvised remarkable methods to cub the situation in the number systems to help them work efficiently.

Childhood education was also important in Ancient Egypt  Children would more and frequently be required to work elders in handling less onerous tasks and slowly acquiring practical skills and knowledge from their parents and guardians. By example, parents would teach them various educational principles, morals and views about life.

The ancient Greeks too have made quite a number of influential contributions to western civilization. These contributions, which can also be referred as achievements of ancient Greece, include areas of philosophy, art, Agriculture, Mathematics and science. These great achievements, compared to other regions such as the Gupta Empire and the Ancient Egypt, these great achievements were being made while fighting two wars, that is, Peloponnesian and     Persian wars.

One other area where the Gupta Empire made an achievement is in the area of astronomy. Gupta astronomers came up with many discoveries about the moon, the sun, the earth and other planets. Although they relied more on Greek astronomers, Gupta astronomers too made many discoveries on their own and in many cases arrived at conclusions that were more accurate and reliable than those of the Greeks.


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