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Eli Lilly and Company

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It is the opinion of the author that the productivity and growth of an economy will be slower with unskilled or poorly educated employees. With Eli Lilly conducting business in some remote countries, it needs to continue to focus on educating and developing its employees and products to ensure a successful increase in growth throughout all locations. After researching this company, to the best of the author’s ability, there is no evidence of this company promoting natural cures; there also is no evidence of this company turning the public away from them.

It is understandable, since natural cures cannot be patented and any pharmaceutical company is in business to show profit for its stockholders. There is also no evidence of cutting corners or lax processes; however, there is evidence of some of the best checks and balances of any industry. As far as any leniency concerning the food and drug administration and the federal trade commission and Eli Lilly, it is nonexistent. As a matter of fact, the laws concerning pharmaceuticals getting to the general public is more stringent in this country than in almost any other.

Although it is disturbing that pharmaceutical companies advertise prescription drugs to the general public, everybody is entitled to free speech in this country and the public has free will to choose to follow anything advertised. Eli Lilly and Company should continue to leverage its presence in the marketplace with Prozac, Cialis, Gemzar, and Xigris. Furthermore, it should target some of its competitors’ markets in which it lags in revenues.

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Eli Lilly and Company

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Eli Lilly should begin by creating a marketing strategy to promote its drugs in order to gain more market share in other areas.

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