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South Africa Is Our Only Real Mother

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The hand that rocks the cradle, Is the hand that rules the world. These are the wise words of William Wallace.

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South Africa Is Our Only Real Mother

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. For us South Africa is our only real mother. Plinks said: People undertake great Journeys to faraway places to see things that they don't appreciate in their own country. Our Mother South Africa cares about us, and therefore she takes us to her Art Museum filled with all her beautiful treasures of nature. Table Mountain with its cloudy table-cloth, is the beacon where a new nation was born.

Then she takes us on the Garden Route through Cornerstones with its bonbons and protease. According to the description of the poet Liana Spies, Unequalled is the place where God's seed sachet was leaking... When Spring starts, the earth is covered with thousands of colored flowers that take your breath away! From there she takes you on a game drive to the big five. Nowhere else in the world will you find this unique variety of wild life: Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo's and Leopards. It is the dream of every hunter to have a trophy of one of these animals as part of his hunting collection- Says Peter

Weakened in the magazine "Go" of Cot 08. A mother definitely spoils her child. South Africa has many resources. If you open the tap, the water is running. If you drive into the countryside, you see the crop fields, vineyards, fruit orchards, vegetable farms and plantations that provide food and oxygen to Mother Africans children. If you walk out the door and see children play, you realize that that is a privilege - Says Urdu van Wok in ROI Rose of July 08. Oversees cluster houses with no garden at all, are the normal way of living. So, appreciate the open blue, African Sky!

Ecologist Sydney Wright said: The earth is our playground. Mother South Africa nurtures us. We are all caught up in the rat race against time. We run around like mad dogs, being uptight and stiff-lipped. Then Mother South Africa puts her arms around us and takes us on a trip to the beach where we can revivalist our souls. It doesn't matter what we enjoy most: The fresh sea breeze, the deep blue ocean, the hot white sand, or the hot brown bodies....! South Africans are known as the sun-seekers of the world. And when the sun sets, we turn to the company of a barbecue with friends and loved ones. Amp steak and the call of the hyena... No wonder the English Pompoms me. Y us and try to copy-cat our "brainless. " I call their poor excuse for meat on a TV-briar, a "Barbie"! Ladies and gentlemen... According to National Geographic, South Africa has 5 of the world's top rated nature reserves. We are lucky that Mother South Africa cuddles us with her beautiful scenery. She spoils us by keeping our food stores full, And provides us with exotic places to relax and revivalist

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