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Education Disparity

Education disparity I consider the education the most important thing. This Is the Inducement of everything. It is the basis, the key of everything what then you can rely on.

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The Inequality in the education was always an Issue everywhere in the world, where a minority is exist. Not just in the developing countries, for instance Africa, but in the developed countries too. The lack of good education is I think the first issue facing various societies all over the world.

A good education, which is not reached of veryone, provides the children for have good chances in the life, to be successful, to be able to compete In the labor market and to get a good Job. Those who do not have the oopportunity to learn in the same circumstances, because of the discrimination based on race or financial status, without education they will not be able to cope with the others, so it’s a vicious circle.

The state, which not support the social mobility and the government which not make enough effort for the integration cant be succeed, because think, the state’s aim is to have well educated, occupied citizens to be able o develop. The state should not grudge the money for these Integration programs and for the education, because these educational differences cause mostly the problem between the minority and majority. It’s something which Is completely solvable; we Just should deal with it. I would like to introduce an example from Hungary. Here, there is a very big gipsy minority which causes a big problem in the country.

People Just can not keep saying that they do not work, they do not study, they do not pay the taxes. But why they do ot work? Why they do not study? May because they do not have the same oopportunity to do It, because there are segregated schools and they not treated the same like the others. I was volunteering in one of these segregated schools in Budapest, where Just gipsy kids were studying. After school on Fridays I went there and I tutored some of these kids, helped them to learn reading, counting, I prepared them to a performance. I saw the circumstances where they were learning, their teachers, their parent’s, their possibilities.

If you live in a poor neighborhood, or you are a member of the minority, It’s expected that the school you attend are lacking many necessities. This issue is also in connection with the racism, and I would like to come up with Jane Elliott’s -blue-eyed/brown-eyed” experience. If there is an prejudice from the minority, that for instance they do not study and work, after a time they will act according to the prejudice. So if people say that the minority do not want to work and study, and people do not do anything against this (they do not give the opportunity), the minority will accept that situation and they will act like the prejudice.

The break-out Is very hard, because the paren’tal education and behaviors really affect the cchildren’s future. The disparity is also manifest itself in financial differences. The poverty in many cases also do not have the same opportunities like the others, however they are the 1 OF2 think it does not premote social equality as effectively as it should. In many cases there are very talented, enthusiastic sstudents who can not attend in the higher ducation because of the lack of money.

I would pay much more attention to these problems. First of all I would create equality in the education to give the possibilities to everyone. I would invest more money to the education, because in long- term this is the key why a nation can be successful. It’s something which is very profitable, because the education and the economy are sthrongly connected. Secondly, there should be more programs which premote the social mobility and the talented people. I would expand the economic foundation for the grants and sscholarship.