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Still, the experience of internet shopping is still imperfect for both the retailer and the consumer. One of the problems still omnipresent via e-tailing avenues is that of retailer misguidance. Many retailers treat the Internet as different from a store, however, consensus is increasingly recognizing that all retailers need to put proper systems in position. He thinks that the effectiveness of security tagging in stores should be adapted to meet the demands of the online world. This would be a deterrent against Internet fraud and the numerous different types of scams.

There is something beyond even those practical concerns which has caused wariness amongst retailers, at least over the course of the first generation of e-commerce sites. Our discussion above on the subject of catalogue shopping as it compares unfavorably to the e-tail shopping, as well as our examination of some of the more innovative measures being used to counter spatial challenges, together address many of the perceptible physical drawbacks to online fashion shopping. In a cultural sense, it would be difficult for many habitual shoppers as well as retailers to consider radical a departure from the traditional shopping experience.

The notion of making a purchase without the opportunity to appreciate a wide range of physical characteristics about the object being acquired is one which would require the imaginative flexibility of both the consumer and the retailer, with each being forced to overcome limitations in the conception of the experience which the consumer must have in order to make an informed decision Certainly, it would be incorrect to simply assert that the growth in the influence of ecommerce is a phenomenon separate from the path of growth in the traditional retail context.

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Such traditional retail organizations as the mega-bookstore Barnes and Noble, for an example, have through their partnership with Internet giant Amazon. com, established themselves as the dominant presence in their field in both physical and virtual space. This example, however, may be countered by the probability that an item selling on Amazon. com may likewise be located for a lower price through any number of independent online retailers, Ebay auctioneers or even private citizen offerings on such increasingly popular free-classified sites like Craigslist. com

Thus is demonstrative of the power of ecommerce to channel opportunity for both the resourceful retail organization and the perceptive consumer. In this regard, it mirrors the frontiers of economic opportunity in American history such as the independent homesteaders of the 19th century or the retail entrepreneurs of the early 20th century industrial boom. In its earliest phases, the internet is very much a frontier where fortunes may be made and saved by all.


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