Dysfunctional Behaviors within the Group

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To earn success in a company, being a leader, it is important that there is coordination with every members, each of the workers may contribute to the success of the company. With female friends that the researcher has, she felt secured and protected every time they go out. Since she is a Muslim, she is more secured that nobody will discriminate or harm her within the community that they are in. She felt the sense of belongingness and her friends are present every time she needs them. Just the same she is always there when someone needed her help.

Sometimes her decisions, for instance in a particular situation, are influenced by her other friends. Another thing that the researcher observed in her female friends behavior is that whenever one of her friends for instance, commits a mistake or her behavior become unpleasant or unacceptable, she or one of the member of the group try to approach the person, talk to the person and try to correct the behavior of the one who commits the mistakes in a nice way. By doing that they not only help their friend but also make a strong bond to the friendship that they have.

In terms of dealing with unacceptable behavior of an individual monitoring her feelings while confronting and at the same time correcting the behavior is important. Responses of the leader of a group are more effective when reason balances the energy of negative emotions like for instance anger, frustration or fear (Konen and Elliot, 1999). Positive group behavior such as encouraging others, being nice to other members of the group being a good listener or being supportive to other members, should be developed (Chalmers and Nason, 2008).

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There are a lot of dysfunctional behaviors that may ultimately harm both individuals as well as the organization. These dysfunctional behavior like for instance in an organization or company are “motivated behavior by an employee or group of employees that have negative consequences for individual or group of individual within the organization or the organization itself” (Griffin, O’Learry-Kelly and Collins, 1998, p. 67).

Within the workplace the researcher have observed job neglect of employees, and sometimes there are employees who are intentionally working slowly and a lot of time are wasted which greatly affect the company were the researcher is currently working. With these acts of other employees the company is having difficulty in beating the deadlines which oftentimes causes the clients to become angry and decide not to render anymore the company’s service, which in turn causes the delays of payments of the projects and eventually effect also other employees payment for their monthly salary.

These kinds of behavior of employees should be addressed immediately in order for the company to be successful and productive. Discrimination within the workplace is also observed, which is not good for the company, since the individual that is being discriminated tend to associate herself away from the others, which in turn affect her performance in the company, hence she become unproductive.

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