Drug Testings Should be enforced in Schools

Last Updated: 09 Apr 2020
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Drugs like marijuana have a major impact on our younger generation. Parents for Accountability (2003) states that, “most drug use begins in the pre-teen and teenage years, the year’s most crucial in the maturation process. ” A student’s behavior, motivation, and accountability are all limited when using marijuana. Principal Warner (2013) said “he believes the mandatory drug testing rule gives students a strong reason to refuse drugs. ” These drug testing will encourage students to think twice before saying "yes" to the drug.

I believe that random drug testings should be enforced in schools. School drug testing should be enforced because of the behavioral problems that come along with drug abuse. Marijuana causes different side effects, but most commonly are; laziness, hunger, poor memory, poor coordination, loss of control, poor social behavior, and learning dysfunctions. All of these side effects affect a person’s behavior. “I'm 16 years old, and I've been smoking every day for about 3-4 months.

I can say that I am considerably less social (although this may not be weed related, many factors come into play on this one) and slightly more paranoid” (Knight, 2009). Knight was set apart from her social life because of the marijuana she had been smoking, now she’ll never know of the people could have become close with. Behavior plays an important role in learning environment because a student cannot function properly under the influence; students that are under the influence have the tendency to act different among peers, and in or out of certain situations, it affects their way of thinking.

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Narconon Drug Prevention & Education (2013) states, students that smoke marijuana get lower grades and are less likely to graduate high school, due to the learning dysfunction they came across while smoking marijuana. Since the use of marijuana is proven to affect a student’s behavior, drug testings should be enforced in schools. Marijuana also affects a student’s motivation, which is another reason why drug testings should be enforced. “Smoking a lot of weed can really amplify your mood and emotions, including laziness” (Terence Tensen, 2011).

Smoking marijuana causes students to become lazy; laziness affects a student in so many ways because it kills their drive to do anything. Students become less willing to do their homework, study, and participate in extra-curricular activities including; football, baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, dances, and any clubs available on their campus. Without participating in some type of extra-curriculum students have a harder time getting accepted into universities and even some community colleges.

After being rejected numeral times people start to shut down, they tend to give up and things they once wanted at a certain time or place. When a student then has nothing else to aim for, because their motivation was lost, they turn to drugs. These drug testings are going to stop students from coming to school under the influence, which then is going to keep the student that are motivated to stay motivated and be the best that they can be, without the distractions of the ones who are not so motivated, and feel they have better things to do.

A student’s accountability is affected when using drugs; this causes students to be less dependable. An undependable student is a student that is kind of pushed behind because they are untrustworthy. Nobody likes to be the person no one trusts, and drug use causes you to be that person. Drug Free America Foundation (2014) agrees that “Students who take leadership roles in the school community are role models and should be drug free. ” These students that appear to be role models should live up to their appearances.

Foundation of a drug free world (2013) states, “the drug, marijuana causes students to be less coordinated, shortens memory, laziness, unsociable, and has loss of control” everything people don’t see in a leader. You are supposed to be able to depend on a student leader, especially when that person is all you have to look up to. When you see that one person you admire, fall short, it literally breaks a person down, to prevent this from happening these drug tests are going to make sure the students don’t deal with the regret of disappointments. I believe that random drug testings should be enforced in schools.

School districts should enforce random drugs to help students in the long run. We are losing students to drugs, and drugged students are leading others. If we enforce these random drug tests schools will have more control over their students. These tests are going to not only help the students but a school as a whole. More students will be in school, which makes the school money. Disciplinary actions won’t be as frequent, because student’s behavior will be more on point, and students will be getting the education they need to move on to higher their education once out of school, with less of a struggle.

Peer pressured students, won’t feel the need to say “yes” because they’ll have a solid reason to say “no. ” Drug testing offers no harm to the student, only gives them an opportunity to notice their wrong and get help. When someone recognizes a problem, they tend to acknowledge it more frequently. A mother posted on a blog that her 17 year old son had a problem, she stated “He tells us he is not addicted but acting the way he is only proves he is” Feelinghelpless, (2012). When a student becomes addicted to a drug they deny they have a problem.

When drug testing will soon become frequently failed, a student will have no choice to admit to their wrongs and seek help. Another parent states “I may not be able to change his mind about drugs but I have the choice not to help him with those choices. I can't do anything about all the drugs out there... but I do have control over what happens in my home! ” Strgazr (2012). It’s proven that a child is raised on the raising of his or hers household. When parents lay down the rules, children will listen; they need structure so they don’t tumble.

We cannot blame schools alone for the drug testings because if every child was raised to obey by the rules, drug testings wouldn’t be so necessary. Discipline is “teaching a child to behave in an agreeable way, allowing a child the freedom to learn from his mistakes and experience the consequences of his decisions, effective discipline is helping, teaching, and learning” Valya, T. (2009). Discipline is exactly what these drug testings are, they teach, help, and enforce a rule that needs to be obeyed. I believe drug testings should be enforced in schools.

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