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Schools Should Ask Students to Evaluate Their Teachers

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Nowadays, education is at the top of people’s concern. Most of schools consider the interaction between students and teachers as an important role in the teaching process. Therefore, it leads to a policy that students can evaluate their teachers.

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In my opinion, I support that idea for several reasons.

First of all, students are the very people who receive knowledge and lessons from their professors directly thus their evaluations must be exact and appropriate. In fact, it is very difficult to ask people to evaluate something that they never experience by themselves. As an example, customers are always the accurate measuring device of products’ quality because customers often try to find the best product among a lot of ones in the market to use. Similarly, students will express true opinions about their teachers and those opinions are very helpful for schools to know their teachers better. In this way, schools can have right methods to improve their staff.

Furthermore, evaluations from students will make teachers perform their tasks better. As teachers know that their students always consider their teaching methods and their profession in every lecture or discussion, they will be stimulated to do well at the class. Besides, students’view will help teachers to find out their most effective teaching way and thus, their skills and experience can be boosted to a higher level.

Finally, asking studentd to evaluate their teachers is also a way of showing concern to students. By that way, the schools indicate that they really appriciate their students’opinions and feeling. Hence, students may feel more comfortable and free. Also, when evaluating teachers, students have to pay attention to their lessons and they may realize their attitude of studying as well.

To sum up, I strongly believe that schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. That idea will help both of students and teachers to do better in their tasks.

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