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Due to the marketing research of Barkymate Com and AKC, American dog owners have spent more than $5o billion in 2017. These numbers are rapidly growing from year to year, and more dog lovers use different services to make their dogs happier and healthier. This facility and service is most suitable for dog-owners and lovers, who hold a very tight and busy daily itinerary work being the main reason.  Beginning with the demographic identification, the target person belongs to the age bracket of 24 to 29, a part of lower middle to upper middle social class.

Doggie Day Care also caters to both male and female dog-owners and lovers of any race orientation. In terms of earnings, the facility targets those who have a starting annual income of $50,000 and above. The target dog-owners and lovers are city or suburban residents who are young, full-time professionals holding considerable disposable income and purchasing power of which they set in line for their favorite pet. Holding a very hectic week schedule, these dog owners and lovers only find time to actually spend with their canine pals after a day’s work getting the majority of their time together during the weekends. These dog owners and lovers are relatively young and have been successful in obtaining a stable, high-paying job for their case.

They are hard workers who are very productive in their respective job and earn what they deserve, and vice-versa. During weekdays, they spend time most of their time in the office and devote themselves to work, and in the weekends, they unwind by going out and taking their dogs for a run. In terms of life stage, the target dog owners and lovers are mostly practically single, and delay the occasion of getting married or raising families of their own. Having had ruled out the concept of ‘settling down’ for the meantime, these dog-owners and lovers invest in their pets from a dynamic aspect personally, emotionally, financially, and everything else in between.

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These dog owners and lovers truly value particular aspects of in keeping their canine companion healthy and in good condition.  They understand the needs and wants of their dogs, and value the ‘man’s best friend’ relationship the bond they have. They provide the proper materials and tools for hygiene maintenance. They also purchase good amounts of dog food and toys for play.  They also provide their dogs the companionship, as they themselves are unable to do so. They recognize very much the emotional aspect of being a dog owner, and realize the consequences of being a dog lover. Hence, as they have a busy lifestyle, Doggie Day Care is the next best thing for them.

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