Dodge Charger Commercial Analysis

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Commercial subject was to show that if you have this car will make your life better. To appeal to an audience of those individuals who have low self-esteem and are unsocial and lonely it expresses the notion that if you purchase this Dodge Charger that you will attract people who are on a higher social status. This "nerd" and his unattractive girlfriend are sitting in a car and he Is trying to convince her to have sex with him.

Then an attractive girl comes and taps on the "nerds" window and asks about his car. After that more attractive girls come and ask bout the car, within all this action the "nerds" girlfriend ends up out of the car and all of the attractive girls end up In the car and they drive off leaving the unattractive girl behind. The Dodge commercial Is appealing to those Individuals who are on a low social status the nerds geeks and loners of the world.

The purpose of this commercial Is to get people who are on a low social status to buy this car because they believe the car will make them cooler. The voice of the speaker Is the "nerd" the typical nonsocial loner and the commercial portrays him becoming "cooler" and more social because of the car. The tone of the commercial optimistic and cheerful, the "nerd" was enthusiastic at the fact that the girls were giving him attention.

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The attitude of the commercial is joyful, the "nerd" is happy when the attractive ladies show him attention. This commercial is effective in its efforts to persuade its viewers to buy this car, there are a lot of lonely people in this world who would look at this commercial and believe one hundred percent that this car will do what the commercial is portraying, to give them friends and a social life and higher social status.

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