Discuss ways in which Ort tries to make sense of his existence

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Throughout the novel, Ort indeed tries to make sense of his existence in many ways. It is also true to say that his relationship with Henry Warburton helps him with this discovery. Their relationship, although time-taking to discover, is beneficial towards Ort's understanding of his existence, and his character in particular is greatly benefited.

Ort's quest to make sense of his existence is brought on by the car crash in which Sam, his father, is put into a coma. From this moment on, the whole family in fact tries to make sense of their existence, and Warburton is a useful influence towards the whole family in this sense, not just Ort.

Before discussing the ways in which Warburton is useful influence in the process of identifying Ort's existence, it needs to seen in which ways he tries to make sense of his existence;

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After the car crash, which left the father, Sam, out of the picture for the family, Ort has been given the responsibility of the father figure. Of course, for this to happen to a twelve year old boy, it leaves him lost, and obviously misled towards what exactly has just happened.

One important thing that Ort considers during this period of discovery is about his own form of religion, or some sort of deity like figure to look up to. It is seen by the audience that the only thing that Ort can look up to and get any help from is that newly formed deity figure apparent in the sky. He uses this deity in the sky to hopefully save him from non existence and subsequently help him discover his current existence.

Henry Warburton is then brought into the discussion, as he has a positive effect on Ort's outlook on life, and existence. He helps Ort understand his place in life, and is almost the deity for Ort, providing assistance and support, and also helping with Ort's self discovery. Even Henry Warburton claims that he is a god, and that he has come to help Ort, promoting himself as a god like figure. Warburton provides the positive influence for Ort's discovery of his existence, as he provides help surrounding certain paths of life. Warburton has the ability to see and believe things that no one else in the family, including Ort, does, therefore providing assistance in Ort's self discovery.

In many scenes throughout the novel, Henry Warburton's influential figure is scene, which brings support for Ort's understanding. He acts as a father like figure to Ort, even providing discipline to other members of the family on occasions, and supporting Ort's actions and ways of thinking.

Despite these obvious 'perks' on Warburton's behalf to help Ort's understanding, some less positive aspects about Warburton's influence are apparent, when deeper aspects of the novel are analysed. Warburton's character inevitably appears flawed to the family, through a number of faults such as the fact that he has a glass eye and a speech impediment. 'Geez, he's got troubles'. Coinciding with this realisation by the family, Warburton decreases his rhetoric, and shows the audience that Ort has become quite dependant by this stage in the novel.

Throughout the novel, Ort experiences things which would normally never be experienced by a boy that age. With all the crises he goes through, Henry Warburton, a strange but loving preacher who shows up on the doorstep, shows Ort the way to understanding, and self realisation, and is therefore a useful influence towards Ort's understandings.

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