Discuss three of your achievements or accomplishments

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Being employed while I was still in college was my first achievement. Although I still had a year to complete my college education, a company offered me a position as Information Technology technician after passing three stages of job interview. Initially, I tried to send my Curriculum Vitae to the company because I wanted to test my ability. Since I was still studying in the university, the company decided to give me a part job as Desktop Supporter. The job gave me a lot of hands-on experience and I was able to put all my knowledge into practice.

Completing a program with a high grade and performing well in my job was my second achievement. After working for three years, I decided to upgrade my knowledge by attending the American Cooperation program. This program was conducted in the English language and it was a challenge for me since English is not my native language. However, while I was going through the program, I learned to use my time and effort wisely so I could complete all the required assignments of the program while maintaining a full time job as Business Analyst. In the end, I completed the Cooperation program with a 3. GPA and maintained a high job performance rating in the company. Getting my dream job was my third achievement.

After five years of working in the software industry, I was given the System Analyst position at CSC Vietnam. Since I was a student, I wanted to become a System Analyst because this position will enable me to utilize all the knowledge that I have gained from my studies and work experience in the IT and business industry. CSC Vietnam is one of the biggest software companies in Vietnam and working in this company will provide a brighter future for my career path.

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