Disaster and Emergency Management

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The Philosopher Aristotle said that “the greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons” and former US President John Adams also said that “if we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve? ” I believe that I have lived up to the sayings of a great thinker and a leader and nothing is more rewarding than to give my life to safeguard the security of Canada and my countrymen. After my Bachelors degree in Criminology in York University, I worked as a Signal Operator in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve Toronto Communication Regiment for seven years.

As a Signal Operator, I have installed and operated satellite communication systems and digitized high-frequency in order to facilitate effective emergency communications during domestic emergency operations. The job also allowed me to manage local area networks (LANs) and local distribution networks, operate cryptographic equipment, generate key material, coordinate circuit restoration in communications and information networks, plan communications services, and perform in land operations.

Due to my skills and abilities, I have managed three member mobile radio detachment units in various extreme weather conditions, taught new recruits on the use of communications equipment at the Canadian Forces School of Communication and Equipment and manage the safekeeping of top secret communications equipment. In the army, I am tasked to fight as infantry and use personal weapons, reconnaissance and section level tactics when the need arise.

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From November 5, 2007 to present, I have been working as a Border Service Officer to safeguard the security and protection of the Canadians from people who are entering the border. I have to assure my country that these people will not threaten their lives and no prohibited goods will pass through the border. All people and goods getting into Canada must comply with Canadian laws and regulations. In a fight against terrorism, I assist in combating money laundering activities, prohibit the entry of firearms and detain people who pose as threat to my country.

To safeguard the health of our people, I have to be on guard against the introduction of human, animal and plant diseases as well as the flow of narcotics and other illegal and prohibited substances. In compliance with the child abuse and protection law, I prevent the practice of child trafficking and child pornography. In August 2006, I completed my BS Criminology degree with Honours and I was placed on the Dean’s Honour Roll List as well as the Sessional AcademicAchievement list at York University.

With my academic achievement, knowledge and skills, I am confident that I would make an excellent addition to the graduate program in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University. My passion for public safety and security will be enhanced when I obtain a Masters degree as I will learn to design and implement effective policies related to emergency response and preventative techniques for the Canadian soldiers in order to increase the protection at our borders and airports.

Upon completion of the program, I will be prepared to occupy the senior management level position and write new policies, procedures and regulations as well as updating existing ones. I will also be deployed to Afghanistan and several overseas missions throughout my career. The knowledge and skills that I will gain will be used to aid Canadian soldiers, NATO allies and UN personnel who are affected by natural disasters and acts of terrorism. The 911 incidence awakened my passion to be totally committed in safeguarding Canada and protecting the lives of my countrymen.

The potential threat to our security has increased tremendously after 911. Something has to be done and I believe that I have a role and a mission in protecting the interest of the Canadians. The birth of the Masters in Disaster and Emergency Management program at York University is the tool that will help me become professional in this field. The battle cry for a secured and peaceful Canada can never be ignored and nothing can stop me from reaching my goals.


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