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An evaluation of Blackberry Company’s implementation of TQM Done by: Sanad F Jumean 1 Table of contents: _ Introduction------------------------------------------------------3 _ Continuous improvement-------------------------------------4 _ Employee involvement----------------------------------------4 _ Customer focus--------------------------------------------------5 _ Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------6 _ References--------------------------------------------------------7 2 Introduction

Blackberry is a brand that was created by research in motion (RIM) which is a global leader in wireless innovation, the mobile industry was revolutionized with the introduction of blackberry solution in 1999, blackberry offers a variety of products and services targeting both business customers as well as individual customers, most of its products are smart phones that have the ability to send and receive push e-mails and instant massages with a high level of security , it helps its customers connect more easily with the world regardless of the place, blackberry devices can also be used as personal digital assistants, portable media players, and internet browser, the blackberry internet service is available in 91 countries around the world on over 500 mobile service operators. Blackberry’s goal and vision statement is to provide solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market, including the software that allows the BlackBerry Smartphone to provide mobile access to e-mail, applications, media and the Internet. Through the development of integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, blackberry provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information including e-mail, phone, text messaging (SMS and MMS), Internet and intranet-based applications. 3

Continuous improvement: Blackberry Company listens to its customers through votes on its website, feedbacks, and surveys throughout the world. Blackberry has a policy that translates those feedbacks into their routinely two month’s software updates. Software updates include improving their current software’s that are being used by customers and adding new features that come up to the developers through customer feedback process and brainstorming of developers. Security measures are a major concern for blackberry; improvements to the software include such security measures that are most important to business people who operate their work on their devices.

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Continuous improvements in Blackberry Company is not limited to its software but also includes the body of the device, those improvements are mainly based on the previous shape of the same series of the device and reviews from users of the same series phone. Continuous improvement can also be seen in blackberry’s emphasis on continuously training their employees and making sure that they have the necessary skills and specialties to compete in the market, as well as continuously evaluating their performance and determining what needs to be improved. Employee involvement Blackberry Company have 250,000 developers throughout the world, those developers come up with different ideas about developing, improving, and producing a new product. They try to align their ideas through meetings, and then they present the conclusion of their ideas to the top management.

If the top management gives the approval to the new ideas of the developers they apply their new ideas and creations through translating these ideas into products and services. During this stage the rest of the employees receive updated e-mails during every stage of producing the new product to have an overview about the product for the sake of answering customer’s wonders. 4 Customer focus: Blackberry Company is mainly addressing business people in their device but at the same time they still focus on individuals willing to use their products or services. As previously discussed blackberry has various methods in keeping touch with their current customers and new potential markets.

After evaluating the feedbacks whether positive or negative, the data gathered is then analyzed and grouped in the form of useful information and knowledge that can be used to keep their products and services up to date. Because customers are the main asset for blackberry, most of the useful information gathered is actually taken into consideration by employees and developers and translate it effectively to their new or updated product or service. To support our earlier discussion on customer focus, blackberry has awarded an employee that has applied their strategy through engaging customers in all of its research and development process, either as source of innovation, as a part of the product testing program in the redesign of the operational process. This award is called “ Blackberry customer focus award”. 5 Conclusion:

It’s important for different types of organizations to continuously evaluate how well they implement TQM, taking into consideration the major effects of implementing TQM on the organization’s performance and its position in the market related to its competitors, however, although blackberry company pays considerable attention on implementing TQM properly, focusing on important factors such as employee empowerment, customer focus, and continuous improvement, it has to do more efforts in certain areas such as employee empowerment by giving its employees the chance to be part of the production process rather than just sending them updated e-mails during every stage of producing the new product or service. 6 References _ http://us. blackberry. com _ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/BlackBerry _ Interviews with Mr. Mike Mefleh Blackberry Product Manger- Middle east. 7

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