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"Smart" Goals Kebab's R Us is a company always striving to improve and gain a higher and greater market share. With our dedicated staff we were able to achieve all our major goals that were set out last year. These goals were to increase the number of kebabs sold throughout all caravans, to update 20% of caravans by replacing it with a new caravan and brand new catering equipment that was more efficient, to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, to create a 'mini sub kebab' that could be catered for functions, to improve profits from $1 1. Million to $12 million in the financial year ending 2014, to place leadership programs in place to help employees to be trained to become caravan managers and to stay injury free. Results over the last year have been quite positive, meeting all target goals have been a credit to all staff. Hard work and dedication had paid off once the yearly report came in which backed it up with evident numbers. Falling Just short of the profit margin at $1 1. 9 million is still a satisfactory result. These achieved goals are a credit to all staff and also to the senior management team for applying the S. M. A.

R. T goals principle to reach each. The teeters of SMART each represent a meaning these are; S- Specific M- Measurable A- Accountable R- Realistic T- Time Bound Major goals for next year will be similar in terms of growth and profit. Important objectives of not losing any customers, providing kebabs of the highest quality possible, to reach those customers or to cater for a wider community. To update a further 20% of caravans by replacing it with a new caravan and brand new equipment that will be more efficient lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Improving turnover to $40 million from last year's $38. Million whilst also improving profits to $13 million. To introduce a commission scheme of selling a min of 250 kebabs a day to caravan operators which would result in bonuses and to promote those already trained personal into the 20 caravans that's planned to hit the roads. Further improvement training to all personal of customer service which is federal government funded. Hiring 40 new staff to fill into the new caravan positions that are going to be opening, surveying customers to help us improve our service and also to yet again remaining injury free.

Having similar target goals from last year ensures a greater chance to achieve these goals through the usage of SMART. Major goal NO. I Specific - Update a further 20% of vehicles including company cars and caravans from the start of the new financial year in 1/7/14-30/6/15. To achieve this goal Kebab's R Us will use clearly defined processes and guidelines that were also used from the previous year to achieve the same goal. Location of vehicles that are being upgraded is the Queensland region. Requirements of this goal are enforced by government legislation and also to have a better looking image.

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Measurable- This goal is measurable as we need to have 20 vehicles updated in one year. Every quarter the aim is to have 5 vehicles upgraded. A project manager with a team is in hare of this changeover and upgrade in which they closely monitor it. Every quarterly the project manager attends a senior management meeting to discuss progress. Accountable- Everyone working in the changeover and management team is all liable to work in conjunction with each to achieve this goal. Realistic- The same goal was set out last year and it was achieved so it makes it a realistic proposition this year.

Time Bound- The time frame for this goal will start from the 1/7/14-30/6/15, in this timeshare 20 vehicles must be updated to accomplish this goal. Major goal NO. 2 Specific- Improving turnover to $40 million from last year's $38. Million in the financial year starting on 1/7/14 till the end of that financial year in 30/6/15. To achieve this goal Kebab's R Us will use clearly defined processes and guidelines which will set the foundation to hit the ground running with changes in certain areas which will help the growth of the company.

Located nationwide this goal is every employees aim. Requirement for this goal is to improve our market share and our share prices. Measurable- This goal is measurable as the company needs to grow by only $1. 9 million in the next financial year. The lowly some is still good considering a few years back of poor results. The finance team along with senior management is responsible to monitor and innovate new ways of increasing funds. Every month a meeting will be held to monitor and discuss changes to this goal.

Accountable- The recruiting team regional managers which is led by the HRS officer. Realistic- This goal is realistic as new caravans rolling out every quarter new positions will open up therefore creating the chance to hire 10 new casuals every quarter to achieve this goal. Time Bound-The time frame for this goal will start from the 117/14-30/6115. The first intake of 10 new employees is expected on the 1/10/14 followed by the next quarter at 1/111 5 in conjunction of the new caravans becoming available.

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