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Diabetes websites are only one form of the many sources produced by technology. The usage of websites in obtaining information is now widely credited because it is fast, up-to-date, and efficient while in the comfort of home. When using the internet, the available facts are always ready for printing and research use. Like any other illness, diabetes is a widely known subject and almost all ages can have this disease.

On the other hand, internet utilization does not choose its consumers. Elderly, children, and adults use websites due to their informative format and easy programs. Let us look at two websites that give data about diabetes. The examination of the accuracy, objectivity, timeliness, coverage, and user-friendliness of the two websites will determine the strengths of internet usage for diabetes patients.

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Bddiabetes.com.us licensed under U.S. laws and regulations is a site that gives information on diabetes and products and services for patients. Outside the U.S. users are warned by the site upon using their website. They affirm that the laws do not legally cover any access to their site from outside the U.S. In addition, products and services intended for U.S. citizens will not be available outside the U.S. or different from their offered product in a respective country.

The website asserted that their site is not, of any form, compliant with Medical Advice. They are providing different information about diabetes but still consulting a physician is necessary to avoid further damage. The site also affirmed its stand as an informational site not to be substituted for professional assistance or diagnosing a disease. Treatment or such information displayed on the site are for general purposes only because of its summarized form. Furthermore, the site advises those individuals who have read anything on their site that might be helpful in answering their consultative situations not to delay upon seeking a doctor or to consider it as medical advice.

Concerning the accuracy of its products and information, BDDiabetes formed its Terms and Condition with which one should comply. The website acknowledges any innovative designs on products and technologies that have legal patents or the submitter having fixed the patents of their designs. On the contrary, the company and its employees do not accept unsolicited information and promotions, new advertisements, marketing plans, and materials. The objective of this regulation is to prevent probable errors or disagreements that might be similar to BD’s products and marketing plans. Whenever someone still submits an entry of unsolicited information, the company will use the information freely and in any manner, they want.

The site also covers bulletin boards, which they refer to as “public areas” and Public Information, where comments or suggestions are sent on their data. The company affirms that they have no accountability whatsoever for these comments’ contents like pornography, error, defamation, obscenity, falsehood, or inaccuracy. However, the site reviews and observes every detail of sent messages concerning feedback and forums and if these messages will contain any unlawful act that will make up or advance conduct considered a criminal offense, the company will subject the person to the laws covering this offense. Furthermore, the site prohibits children less than 18 years of age to send unsolicited and public information on their site.

The site changes its content from time to time in accordance with Federal Security Laws. These alterations are future revenues, income, products, events, and developments that BD anticipates in the future. Several factors may affect changes to the innovative statements regarding the products of the site. These are competitive factors, economic changes like foreign exchange rates, sales and business forecasts, availability of raw materials, amendments to health care, and other government decrees.


The Joslin Diabetes Center is a website licensed under U.S. Federal laws and by foreign laws. This site is a diabetes-related site that gives information about diabetes, products, bulletin boards, forums, and emails about the disease. As stressed by Bddiabetes.com, this site also supplies information for diabetes and not for medical diagnosis. It is not to be referred to as treatment or advice for the illness. In addition, the discussion boards and emails are not reliable sources for providing treatments for emergency cases. However, they believe that all the supplied information about diabetes is accurate and up-to-date.

Information on Joslin.org are protected by Federal laws and could not share, sell or disclose unless asked with permission. The website gathers its information in emails sent and feedback from users. The Joslin site also offers an information sheet that will ask for some important information about the user and if he or she purchases a product at this site, the survey sheet will be provided. This method of Joslin is to know their liabilities and suggestion from consumers. Mailing lists and registration lists from Joslin are offered to consumers who want to receive newsletters about diabetes and other updates about the site’s information. In addition, people who are included in the mailing lists are sent surveys to be filled up in order to add information on their diabetes and improve health care.

Users’ information is protected whether in an online or offline state. When a client orders a product online by using a credit card or any encryption number, the site will not divulge this to anyone and is restricted to the employees assigned to this work. The outside orders from the U.S. are in the hands of the authorized online site of Joslin likewise the information sent on this site is not disclosed or shared with other people than the employees working in that field.

The users are notified if there are sudden changes in the policies and functions of the site. An example is information from a third party used by the site. The company will immediately inform the user through the mail and if the user disagrees with the utilization of his/her data, the company assures of the client’s information comply with the privacy policy. The site does not handle any data from children 13 years old and below. If the site identifies the user to be a child, the information will be disregarded.


The diabetes website reflects how people and computers help achieve the fulfillment of knowledge. People are wise enough to invent things in making impossible things possible. The internet really disregarded the word time. With just one click, you can have access to any information you want. The snail mail, for example, is now an email. Sending mail with just one click for free plus it is not a domestic fad but a worldwide service. Access to mail could be of any age group or gender. Another is messenger or instant messaging, in nonprofessional’s terms, chat.

This kind of communication is in a live form compared to email. It is a two-way communication that enhances file transfer and overseas communication. All these techniques are but just a click away. The most popular of all are search engines, which replace directories, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. Several search engines made their names on World Wide Web like Google and Yahoo. These search engines give solutions for instant finding every need like shopping internationally. Payment is made easy by the internet in bills, shopping, and membership fees on other sites.

People with disabilities have specialized programs that cope with utilizing computers. In some Microsoft programmed computers, there are what they call speech tools that are for people who could not use the keyboard. In addition, handwriting software can type words that are written by the hand using the mouse. The blind can also use the computer with a specialized keyboard that has Braille markings.

Even if there are advantages concerning internet use, there are also numerous disadvantages of internet use. Name a few personal information, spamming, and pornography. Pornography can be easily accessed on the internet as the World Wide Web covers everything. Children nowadays have unlimited access to computers and with pornography on site, they can retrieve pornography agents. Personal information, on the other hand, can be divulged to any user. Even though the technology’s advanced approach gives protection to these factors, we still cannot reassure the entities pursuant to stealing this information. Lastly spamming clogs up the system and damages the computer.

In third-world countries, the cost of this brand of technology is of concern. In areas like the Philippines, most teenagers addicted to online gaming spent their allowances on games. Instead of purchasing something to eat, teenagers go to the internet shop for a one-hour game. Next are the legal issues of internet crimes. In developing countries, there are no sufficient laws that could control the internet crimes like prostitution in internet and pyramiding scams.

To sum it all up, the internet’s use is in many ways, advantageous. Health and education benefit from the internet because of no geographic barriers. But some use this technology in doing illicit activities harming people and their properties.


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