Disabilities Websites: A review

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Children and individuals with disabilities have unique challenges. Parental dispositions toward their special child are crucial to the child’s progress in their individual growth and development. Fortunately, great strides in researches and/or studies in a specific disability had been made and implemented in private and public sectors. The global internet community keeps abreast with the latest breakthroughs also. The following review of choiced websites has their own strengths and weaknesses as they try to be of help not only to the physically or mentally challenged themselves, but especially to their caregivers – the parents.

Discussion A. Provide a brief summary of each website. 1. Blind website Features: Blind Resource center a. Information about blindness b. Newsletter for account members c. Education and development d. Independent movement and travel- workshops or seminars designed for greater independence and mobility. e. Sports, games, and travel Description/Discussion: This is considered a good resource center for families with a blind child or children. It provides current advances or innovations meant to enhance the capabilities and minimize difficulties of the blind.

For the curious and the people who are just embarking onto becoming a volunteer or potential caregiver for the blind, the cyber site provides an introductory portion to describe what it likes to be blind, broad and specific definitions of blindness; some limitations that typify their experiences with life. Moreover, they provide rich resources for the blind individual including educational opportunities, workshops and/or seminars for improvement of their welfare; their adjustments with society at large. Comments/Recommendations:

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Children with this kind of disability will greatly be enriched with the resources of this website. Personally, in my own opinion, it has reached the minimum requirements for a website that somehow contributes to a certain extent, something to the target population. However, I should say that with regards aesthetic values, the website can do much improvement in enhancing its attractiveness with regards style. Although blind individuals are their primary clients, there many curious visitors who may visit them who will benefit from their resources and attractiveness in terms of web appearance are of great value.

Secondly, I have not noticed a “BrowseAloud” component similar with that found in the NDCCD website, which is vital specifically for the blind person. Thirdly, for teachers who handle this kind of job, I think, the website should provide for such a category; not just for parents and the children with the disability. Teachers can still benefit from accessing the website though (http://www. blindchildren. org/). 2. Deaf website Description: American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) Features: Resources a. Membership Privileges b. Convention c. Magazine d. Other resources: “1. ) Communication Access.

We believe deaf or hard-of-hearing children are entitled to full communication access in their home, school, and community. We also believe that language development, respect for the Deaf, and access to deaf and hard-of-hearing role models are important to assure optimal intellectual, social, and emotional development. 2. ) Child. We believe there should be access to identification and intervention by qualified providers, family involvement, and educational opportunities equal to those provided for hearing children.

The goal should be to provide children what they need in order to become self-supporting and fulfilled adults. . ) Parent. We affirm that parents have the right and responsibility to be primary decision-makers and advocates. For this role, parents need education, access to information, and support. ” Description/Discussion: This is a good website with various features both for the parents and the deaf child with different features as promoted by the website such as standard membership privileges, and convention/workshops. Comments/Recommendations: In terms of its features, the website still lacks a lot of amenities, like more activities for the deaf child.

Although, “physical appeal” is already evident in the way people behind the web had put their efforts into, there are still rooms for improvement. It looks simple and a lot more resources for parents should be added. Recommended for teachers with students who have hearing disabilities, although with some limitations because the primary recipients are only for the parents and their children with the disability (http://www. deafchildren. org/)

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities. Features: a. Multilingual b. Provision of a “BrowseAloud” text reader. . Government policies update on disabilities d. Other Government funded resources and researches Description: Excellent resource for the parents and children with a variety of disabilities, especially with its “BrowseAloud” text reader, accessibility for those with disabilities is enhanced. Provision for funding and update of government projects toward the disabled is also posted periodically in the website. This is important for people/parents or families concerned, and also for advocates. Teachers can benefit a lot from the website. Comment/Recommendation:

Understandably, this is one website that many concerned parties are significantly benefited, hence, highly recommended to the curious and those who need resources for research, etc. There is still room for upgrading and development though when it comes to attractive appeal and other resources. The website should provide more pictures and activities update. B. Compare and contrast the 3 selected websites. Given the description and comments, obviously, the third website is the most advanced or developed from among the three where the criteria on appeal, resources for concerned parties are concerned (http://www. ichcy. org/(National Dissemination Center for Students with Disabilities).

Discuss what you found to be relevant and useful to you as a teacher and what you did not. As a teacher, the first two websites are more basic, while the third can be classified as more advanced than the first two; hence I derive much help and assistance in terms of my professional objectives in career and educational requirements from the NDCCD website. I highly recommend the NDCCD website to my colleagues. They will profit from the three websites, but especially in the NDCCD cyber net compared to the other two.

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