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The Important Step of Visiting Self-Evaluation and Career Matching Websites

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To begin the process of narrowing down his job target the first step Tim needs to take is

to visit self-evaluation and career matching websites. These websites are designed to assess a person's interest, values, and personality traits. After visiting these website Tim should have a deeper understanding of his skills and preferences which will then help him proceed to the next step on the path of finding his target career. "Your skills describe what you like to do and what you're good at (Career One Stop, 2016)."

Now that Tim has truly found himself he can now begin to compile everything into a self- inventory. The purposes of a self-inventory are to compile a list of important information needed for the job search, to organize all documentation that may be required, and to help find you the perfect career. The last step to narrowing down Tim's job target is to use the compiled information to develop a Job Qualifications Profile; which is used for employers to identify if you are the right match for their open position.

his student recommends that Tim should use a self-assessment and career counseling resource such as Career One Stop, Skill Scan, etc. to help find the perfect job target. Career One Stop is a website designed to have a little bit of everything you need; their websites include helpful tools such as skills assessments, salary finder, planning your career, etc. The researcher loves to use this website personally because of the skills profiler; this tool identifies your skills, creates a list of all of your skills, and then uses this list to match and compare them to a career. Skill Scan is a website that doesn't do everything for you like Career One Stop, but it is still a great resource for Tim to use. This website has it all; there are links to other useful career resources, self-assessment exercises, college preparing, and testimonials. With this new found knowledge and career resources Tim should have no problem figuring out what he wants to do and should have no problem getting to his goal.

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