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Denmark vs America

In this essay I would like to tell about the differences and similarities in Denmark and America. I will tell good stuff and bad stuff, and you will be able to hear my opinoin as well. Denmark and America are way different from each other, but at the same time we’re a bit alike.

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We see a lot of teenage movies, and about 95 percent of them are from the states, the other 5 percent are from our own country. We see a lot about the teenage lifestyle through these movies, and no matter if we want or not, then we all create an image in our heads about how the lifestyle is.

Now I’m so lucky that I’ve actually tried to live the real teenage life in America, and yes, I would say that the image that I had about the American life, was very true. But there is this thing called drama, which teenage movies love to use as exaggeration. So thank goodness that there’s not all that drama in real life. The coolest thing about high schools in the states is that high schools love to have dances, and they spend a lot of energy into planning them, and they spend a lof of money on them, and high school kids love these dances.

Prom, for example, is the most important dance of the year, and everybody is talking about it all year. Here in Denmark we just have a random school dance where everybody drinks their brains out, and can’t remember anything the next day and people is only thinking about wearing the smallest outfits that they can find. I’m tempted to say that the exact opposite is the case in in the states, because in the states they are trying to find the biggest dresses, and they don’t drink.

This brings me to the next subject that I want to talk about, alcohol. In America you can’t drink untill you’re twenty-one, where as here on the other side of the world, you can drink when you’re sixteen. I think both these ages are a bit ridiculous, the one in Denmark is too low, and the one in America is too high, it should be around eighteen. One thing that I don’t like about the U. S is all the crime; I know that crime is starting to escalate here in Denmark, but it’s still much worse in the U. S. People are walking around with guns on them; children get kidnapped daily, which is the worst when that happens.

When a child gets kidnapped, it’s all over the news and media, and this is called an Amber Alert. I tried that when I was in America, it was terrifying, police men everywhere, helicopters, news people reporting live twenty-four seven. Unfortunately they didn’t find the kid alive; they found the kid only a few blocks away from its house.

America has a ton of fast food restaurants which of course cause all the really fat people, who can barely walk. Here in Denmark we don’t have that many fast food restaurants, but we have the most famous ones, and we’re acyually not skinny anymore. So my conclusion is that Denmark and America are different because of the rules and laws we have in each country, here I’m thinking of the drinking age and drivers license. We like to do the same things, such as school dances and parties, but it will never be the same because of the way we’re raised.

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