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Delta Sigma Theta

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The book is affluent in narration of not only the sorority but also of the struggles and fortitude of African American women who often found themselves as a double minority, facing issues of their race and also their sex. It takes you ahead of the conventionality and the existing paranoia, the stride shows and the parties and provides an insight into the more profound rationale and significance of the 'sisterhood'.

‘In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement’ provides a perfect certified chronological reference. It is the detailed history of the organization on paper written in a very convincing manner. It sheds light on the founders, the various events, and the chronology of the events, and other important information about the growth and intensification of the organisation which stood for 90 years. It also talks about the national presidents through 1988, the conventions, the Delta oath and the hymn of the organisation.

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The book talks not only about the history of the largest block women's organization in the United States but also tells of the increasing involvement of black women in the political, social, and economic affairs of America. The foray of the black women in the American politics has been a focal point. This organisation was founded when liberal art tutoring was extensively considered as futile, treacherous, and unrealistic for blacks. They were not provided with enough space and platform to exhibit their talent. Women especially were devoid of any advancement in studies, knowledge and arts.

This book is a convincing manifestation of how they overcame the initial prohibitions and challenges to find a place for them in the competitive world and color the canvases of their aspirations. It also gives a reflection of how they gave meaning to their existences by providing platforms to the dreams of the society which was suffering. Paula Giddings remarks that contrasting the aims of other organizations which propagated racial goals, Delta Sigma Theta was formed to transform and assist individuals rather than society.

She says that it basically emphasises on the benefit of an individual which would in turn benefit the society. As a sorority, it was formed to bring women together as sisters. If women fought for one cause it could prove beneficial to them as well as to the society. There were certain issues which would create division, often class-related issues involving black women in our society. Giddings also mentions the way these women get together to face the divisive and to address the problem of class related issues.

Giddings has given a vision that is obscure because certain goals and aims of the women of Delta Sigma Theta form a mesmerising microcosm. This talks about the struggles, the hardships faced by the black women. It also states the problems faced by the organization. There are many tribulations that Gidding has beautifully mentioned giving an insight into the actual situation that persisted before Afro-American women found a place for themselves in the society.

The members stated in Delta Sigma Theta includes a list of renowned women namely Mary McLeod Bethune, Mary Church Terrell, Margaret Murray Washington, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, and, on the cultural side, Leontyne Price, Lena Horne, Ruby Dee, Judith Jamison, and Roberta Flack. In Search of Sisterhood Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement is full of gripping, absorbing, fascinating anecdotes told by the Deltas themselves. The anecdotes are nicely illustrated with uncommon early photographs of the Delta women.

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