Database Management – Introduction

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Strategic information system planning: what is involved in establishing a planning process 6. Determining the business information systems strategy. 7. Strategic planning for information systems 8. Explain the basic steps in Project Management This course will cover various relevant topics unaware dataset management. I nose topics Include data Mellon, process of database design, principles and methodologies of database designs, an introduction of relational database design/data model, introduction to SQL and Query Language, functional dependencies, and current trends in database management.

Topic Week Tutorial Introduction What are database systems, database systems vs.. File systems, various aspects of a database systems, terminology : model, schema, logical, physical, instance:three levels of data abstraction, database languages, system architecture of a database system, classification of db's. Learning Outcomes Synopsis Course contents 1 - May 2011 MS 2- MBA : Information System and E-commerce Data Modeling Entity-relationship(ere) model, entities and entity types, relationship and relationship type, one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, constraints, weak entity types, ere diagrams, recursive.

Principles And Methodologies Of Database Design 0 requirement analysis 0 conceptual database design 0 database schema design An Introduction of Relational Database Design/Data Model 0 terminology in relational data model, integrity constraints, primitive operations on relations, relational algebra (RA), relational algebra operations, relational completeness, additional operations on relations. 0 relational data model- relational scheme, operators, Cartesian products, natural Join, indexed loop Join, merge Join.

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Introduction to SQL and Query Language query languages, DAML features in SQL,ODL in SQL, updates in SQL, views in SQL, embedded SQL, query-by-example (EJB), application development using database commands, host programming languages in a multi- user, large data base environment. Information System Planning 0 0 0 Strategic information system planning: what is involved in establishing a planning process. Planning strategies Techniques

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