Cyber Hacking

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2021
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Cyber Hacking Cyber hacking is an act of modifying computer hardware and software, in order to cause damage to other computer system. People who engage in computer activities are known as hackers. What are their purposes to do so? For some hackers, it is just a hobby and the way to determine their level of computerization. They enjoy learning more about how computer works and consider it is an “art” form. Besides, hackers apply their skill to break passwords, send viruses, and damage computer network security system for their deceitful purpose.

Some hacking activities are directed towards individuals, families and organizations as an actual attack. There are many effects caused by cyber hacking. For example financial losses, hackers steal financial information to withdraw funds from an organization. Other than that, some of them received ransom from an organization to bombard other organization’s servers to become overloaded and crash. Furthermore, hackers also pretend to be someone determines to gain unauthorized access to information property.

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They get to use the information to steal funds from banks or credit cards. Apart from that, hackers may hijack politician identity to circulate propaganda that panics the population. As an internet user, we actually are at risk for becoming a victim of cyber hacking. So, how can we avoid from getting hacked? The ways to protect ourselves are do not engage in conversation with strangers, keep passwords protected, do not keep any sensitive materials on computer and make sure the antivirus software is always updated.

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