How My Creative Thinking in Nursing Care Help Me Solving Problems with Patients in Long Term Care

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When we have made a commitment to work with and develop nursing theory, it is important to keep in mind that this activity is crucial to establish scientific foundations in nursing. The first line of teaching and learning in nursing is based on linear thinking, arguing to promote the student's vision of cause / effect when, for example, this is in the process of providing the patient with an anticoagulant for DVT prevention at a patient and requires monitoring by protocol, bleeding adverse effect, or also monitor the heart rate, or blood pressure levels, and heart rate when the patient requires to receive anti-arrhythmic or digoxin.

In the latter case, with a retro feedback mechanism, put into action when the resident and blood sample taken to measure the Digoxin level in order to adjust the dose, seeking the drug's effectiveness and thus the patient's clinical stability. During the development of nursing theory, it is important to realize as we are thinking when we find or look for a problem to solve. For this creative thinking plays an important role. Researchers have described various methods of creative thinking among them these three: Evolution:

This is a method of continuous incremental improvement. We can gestate new ideas from existing ideas, or seek and find a solution derived from another, obtaining at the end a solution that we would not have imagined from the beginning with a single step. The result will be something totally different to the original. Synthesis: This method of thought goes into action when two or more existing ideas are combined to create a third, new idea. Reapplication: This method of creative thinking comes into play when we see something otherwise stated, entirely new.

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The key is to see beyond the prior application of any idea or method and thus demonstrate if the other application is feasible. When we encounter a problem in some cases may emerge any negative attitude may hinder and even block our creative thinking. For you I have noticed that, when unforeseen circumstances I get the load of 25 or more patients in the institution where they take care of patients in long term care must run at a faster pace than usual, with proper care to prevent errors but when there is an unexpected situation arises in my mind: "a situation more, adding to the complex repertoire of tasks to accomplish!.

This idea looks something like this:" Oh! Now this? ". If so, at the time of first reaction, I was adding a bigger problem than the situation itself, having to deal with and solve it before continuing with the rest of the investigation of the case. The next question that arises if this occurs I would be: Why am I thinking and / or feeling this? This happens with the patient TH has relationship with his previous medical history? Psychological/cultural context? It has happened before? Why has this happened?

Is there any background prior to solve this? At this point I realize that I am involved in an active process of search, first to understand the phenomenon, and then how to solve it. This positive attitude (curiosity) helped me to think creatively. Another attitude that has helped me is to believe that most problems can be solved; all a matter of time, energy and resources. Also, and especially, to attack the problem from the moment when it is detected, since otherwise, can add what I call collateral problems.

Even more, I can say that I stay alert not to make value judgments or criticisms that may that may contaminate the process of addressing the problem with my own prejudices, alienate adding unnecessary elements in time and possibilities to solve this problem. References Harris, R. (1998). Introduction to creative thinking; Retrieved from: https://www. virtualsalt. com/crebook1htm. Rapadoupulus, Irena; Omeri, Akram. Transcultural nursing theory and models: The challenges of application. Contemporary nurse. 28(1-2):45-7, 2008. Apr. Editorial. Jennings, BM. Nursing Theory development, successes, and challenges. Journal of advanced nursing

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