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Syllabus: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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Is not a review course, and is designed to integrate all the core materials you have covered here at The Fox School in an applications context, with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and business communications. There will be discussions of core business concepts that you will use in the Capsicum simulation, but you are responsible for knowing and demonstrating an ability to apply all the concepts covered in the core Fox School business curriculum. We will not spend class time going over, In detail, the concepts covered In the ABA core.

There are many online sources, such as Wisped, that you can use If you need to review the ABA core material. The course's goal Is to help you synthesize the tools you have acquired in your other courses such that you can draw meaningful conclusions for developing effective organizational strategies and programs. BAA 3103 will bridge the gap between theoretical class work and business practice. We will use the Capsicum business simulation as a vehicle to test alternative ways to manage a business in a competitive environment. Emphasis will be on developing leaning and problem solving skills.

We also will explore concepts in classroom discussions, case presentations, and critical analyses of current topics. Your participation In class discussions is important, required and expected. Your participation In all classroom discussions Is required. Guest lecturers will further enrich your learning. I will Invite a mix of seasoned "pros", relatively new business entrants, ex-students and other business professionals to speak to you and answer your questions. Further, you will quickly realize that I do not suffer fools gladly. So,

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Syllabus: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

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