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Court Observation

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Observation of the Court Proceedings in Litigated Cases at District Court Report 20 Submitted to Pubanchal University Chakraworti HaBi College of Law For the Partial Fulfillment as Clinical Works Submitted by Sambal Chaulagain Role No:23 BALLB 1st years Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Objectives and Timeframe of Observation 3. Methods and Limitation 4. Observed Findings 1. Lodging the Case 2. Summoning the Respondents 3. Examination of Witness 4. Hearings 5. Role of lawyers 5. Finding and Recommendations . References and Annexes Observation of the Court Proceedings in Litigated Cases at …. Court 1. Introduction • give brief introduction of the report itself (Start as This is a report of the court observation of …. court during ….. . The purpose of the observation was to gain practical knowledge of the performance of the justice agencies in course of litigation lodged within the given jurisdiction of the court…. ) • present a summary of the remaining chapters 2. Objectives and Timeframe of Observation The main objective of the observation was to gain fresh knowledge on the proceedings of the litigated cases in …. Court. More specifically, the observation intended to identify the barriers and lackings in the system that hinders or delays the justice process. • The observation was done during……. (dates) 3. Methods and Limitation • Mention how you observed, how you asked information with whom • Mention what you did not look for in the course of observation 4. Observed Findings 1. Lodging the Case How the complaints or charge sheets are registered • Who observes the document initially • Who give order to register • What is called the name of registry 2. Summoning the Respondents • How the document is presented to the bench • How the initial hearing takes place and how the respondents are summoned • How the rejoinders are registered 3. Examination of Witness • How the cases are presented to bench after receipt of rejoinder • What are the basic examination of evidence (witness, documents) 4. Hearings How the hearing takes place awarding judgment • How the lawyers argue and defend in this course • What are the steps of that lawyers pleading is heard by the judge 5. Role of lawyers • What are the role of lawyers you observed in whole cases (What a lawyer does during whole course, mention the major work of lawyers prior to court room proceeding and court room proceedings. 5. Findings and Recommendations • Give a summary what you found in the process • In your opinion were there any other ways to do the process better ? Suggest your idea to bring changes in law • Suggest your idea bring changes in behavior of the officials 6. References and Annexes • Prepare a list to whom you consulted during the observation • Prepare a list to whom you talked and gathered information by interview • If you had consulted any other person beyond court officials and quoted any factual or opinioned information, make a list • Put a checklist that you prepared for conducting observation process

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