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ACE Hardware Point of Purchase Observation

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Determine the shoppers' decision process. B. Methodology The strength of observation methods lies In "what It Is". The subject is not required to recall actions, to answer a questionnaire or to complete a personal Interview. Likewise, the observer Is not In a position to Interpret an answer by an Interviewee. Action is recorded not interpretation. Covert observational research is used. Researchers do not identify themselves. Researchers are either mixing in the subjects undetected, or observing from the distance.

This method is used so that the subjects' behavior will not be contaminated by the presence of the researcher. Customers will be observed regardless of whether or not they Interested in certain departments or whether they seemed to be only passing through. All persons, once "picked up", will be documented and considered In the analysis even If no purchases are made. The observation location will be focused on the ground floor of ACE Hardware BCC.

Researchers will spread accordingly to the customers movements. The conversion rate of the store will be determined by observing the number of customers coming in only from the main door and customers purchasing at the cashiers of the ground level. Any other activities that take place on the other floor(s) ill not be observed. To avoid biases regarding the elements of the store, researchers will also implement some simple personal interview to the ACE Hardware staffs.

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By doing so, researchers may interpret the observational data collected more accurately. C. Point of Purchase Observation Things to be observed: Store Measurement Conversion or Closure Rate The amount of time a shopper spends In a store Interception Rate (percentage of customers who have contact with a store employee) Shopping Behavior Departments visited Things seen and touched Things put In the cart Time spent Purchase decision Store Management .

Display Location of each departments Products put on the rack at the height the eye level Price tags (is there any differences between products displayed on display table and those on the rack) Differences of products on the height of eye level, above eye level, and under eye level (price, type, colors, shape, etc. ) Products arrangement Lighting b. Store Assistances Employees approach to consumers How to deal with queries and complaints c. In Store Promotion Current promotions Terms and conditions of the promotion Upcoming promotions d. Service Environment Must be available in the service Environment

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