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Courage is not a lack of fear; it is doing something in spite of fear. This type of courage is exemplified in the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini when Amir Jan, the main character, risks his life for another. Amir truly reflects the qualities of a courageous person.

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One way Amir confronts his fears and acts courageously is when he puts his own life in danger to save the life of a child. He willingly disguises himself with a beard and travels to Afghanistan to free his best friend’s son from captivity.

He knows upfront that if he is caught in a disguise, he will probably be executed, but he goes anyway. He stands up to the Taliban believing in his heart that it is the right thing to do. Another way Amir Jan shows bravery is when he starts arguing and making demands for the child’s release. He does this knowing that confrontation is not tolerated in Afghanistan. Making any type of demand almost always means death, but Amir refuses to back down. He perseveres knowing he will probably lose his life.

Some may not agree that Amir is really a hero because he spent most of his childhood hiding behind the courage of others. Although this is true, it has no bearing on whom he is as an adult. Most people would agree that a person should not be judged solely by his past failures, but rather on the strength of his developed character. Amir truly is a man of honorable character. He shows first hand how people can change when he stands up for what is right. Mankind needs to look at the good deeds that come out of past failures.

Amir certainly has changed, and his actions reflect this change. He overcomes the fears and failures that haunt his past, and becomes a person of great courage, one who is truly respected because he is willing to do what others would not do. Thus, in the end Amir Jan shows who he really is. He is a brave, heroic character. He risks his life for the love of another human being, and he brings freedom to an innocent child. What a remarkable feat! Thank God for the courage of Amir Jan!