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Biographical Criticism: To Build a Fire by Jack London

The short story “To Build a Fire” is not the typical man versus man struggle. It is more of a man versus nature, or in other perspective, a man versus himself struggle. It only has two characters, a man and a dog, both traversing a …

Build A FireFireLiterature
Words 80
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Realism: To Build a Fire by Jack London

“To Build a Fire” by Jack London is the tragic tale of a man who becomes a victim of the relentless and unforgiving power of nature. Mirroring life as most people experience it, realistic fiction includes the daily challenges and tribulations of being human. Throughout …

Build A FireIronyRealism
Words 520
Pages 2
To Build a Fire Theme Analysis

“To Build a Fire” is a short story written by Jack London. This story was originally published in 1902, with the famous version being published in 1908. When London was a student at the University of California, Berkeley, he had discovered the name of his …

Build A FireFiction
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To Build a Fire: Man’s Pride

To Build a Fire by Jack London is a story of a man who believed that he is larger than nature itself, that he could conquer anything-even seventy-five degrees below zero. Throughout the story, London clearly depicted a very cold place, a place which obviously …

Build A FireFiction
Words 279
Pages 2
Human-Animal Studies, Deconstructionist, and Psychoanalytic Approach to “To Build a Fire”

“To Build a Fire” is a short story which was written by American author Jack London. This short story is an example of the naturalist movement. This is why, it mainly shows the confliction between man and nature. Although his simple language, Jack London tells …

Build A FireDeconstructionPsychoanalysis
Words 738
Pages 3
“To Build a Fire” and “The Johnstown Flood” Comparison

“To Build a Fire” and “The Johnstown Flood” are two similar and two different stories at the same time. They are easy to read and can grab reader’s attention very quickly. Two main characters in these stories, try to fight for their life, but only …

Build A Fire
Words 501
Pages 2
Stability of Characters in to Build a Fire and the Tell Tale Heart

Henry James’ argues that a character is only as interesting as their responses to a particular situation, can be supported by using any written works that a student may encounter, given that the story has at least one character. I intend to prove that the …

Build A FireCharactersFireTell Tale Heart
Words 1012
Pages 4
Analyzing Jack London’s To Build a Fire: Naturalism and the Importance of the Dog

Chad Mead April 5, 2013 ENGL-227 World Fiction Discuss Naturalism and the Importance of the Dog to Understand the Theme. The author of this short story is none other than Jack London. One of the most influential novelists of his age, Jack London was the …

Build A FireDog
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"To Build a Fire" is a short story by American author Jack London. There are two versions of this story. The first one was published in 1902, and the other was published in 1908. The story written in 1908 has become an often anthologized classic, while the 1902 story is less well known.
Originally published

May 29, 1902


Adventure , short story


Jack London

Frequently asked questions

What is the message of To Build a Fire?
The message of To Build a Fire is that humans are not invincible and that nature will always find a way to triumph. The story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of underestimating the power of nature. The protagonist, a young man, does not take the necessary precautions to protect himself from the cold and as a result, he dies. The story highlights the importance of being prepared and of respecting the dangers that nature can pose.
What is the summary of To Build a Fire?
The story is about a man who is travelling alone through the Yukon Territory in the middle of winter. He is not prepared for the cold weather and does not have enough food or supplies. The man gets lost and starts a fire to try and keep warm, but he is not able to build it properly and ends up freezing to death.
Why is it important To Build a Fire?
In cold weather, a fire can provide warmth and comfort. In wet weather, a fire can provide dryness and heat. A fire can also be used to cook food or signal for help. A fire can also be used to help purify water.
What is the conclusion of To Build a Fire?
The conclusion of the story is that the man dies. He is trying to build a fire to stay warm, but he is unsuccessful. He gets too cold and dies.

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