Corrupt System of Foster Care

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Foster care is a corrupt system that doesn’t have the benefit of the children in mind. I have personally seen how corrupt the foster care system is, my family and I did foster care for 15 years. We fostered 12 kids and every kid that we foster ending up going back to the house or family that they were taken away form in the first place. Shortly after they return back to the house that they were originally taken from they are right back into the system. The system does nothing but put the kids right back into a bad household after they were living a good life with the foster family. Kids come from many different kinds of households, such as drugs, abuse, no money, they weren’t wanted. I will be writing about all of those reasons in this paper.

Many foster kids have been saved from houses that have drug use in them. Some kids have been forced to use drugs or have been sold out just so their parents can get the drugs. People aren’t the same on drugs, they will hurt people who don’t give them what they want. They will use anything and hurt anyone that will stand in their way and by them doing that then they don’t give the children the attention that they need and deserve. Then they kids get into bad health and get hurt because their parent isn’t raising them right. Then the kids think that they should do drugs because that’s what they grew up around and that’s what they saw.

Children get taken away from their parents because they are getting abused. Some kids can’t even leave there houses because they are so bruised because they get abused so badly. Most of the kids will lie and say they fell or ran into something so their parents don’t get in trouble for it. Parents will make the kids think that the kids deserve what is happing to them, like it’s the kid’s fault that they are getting hurt. These kids don’t deserve to feel like they are nothing because their parents don’t have anything better to do but hit them and make them feel like they are not worth life. This is why these kids get taken from these homes.

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Another reason that children get taken from home is because they don’t have enough money to support the kids like they need and deserve. Kids need food, clothes, school, and medical expenses. If the parents can’t give their kids that then they could get taken because kids can’t live like that. Some parents can’t buy their kids the right clothes for the weather that outside, some kids don’t have jeans or a winter coat so they don’t wear it so then they are freezing and their parents don’t see that so that they can make a change. Some kids don’t have good shoes and they have holes in them but there parent won’t get them new ones because they can’t “afford” it, that’s not true you can get a job and support your kids if you really wanted to some people just don’t care enough about their children.

Some kids get brought into this world not by choice. Yes some people wanted there kid and hurt them, or can’t afford them, or just want to do drugs and not raise the child, but some people don’t get to choose that. Some kids get raped or have to have the child because their parents won’t let them abort the child. Then these teens or younger women can’t got to school and raise a child like it needs. That doesn’t mean that these people don’t love the kid or that they don’t care what happens to it they do but they want the best life possible for this kid and they feel like they can’t do that because every time they see the kids it reminds them of the person who hurt them, or because they want to do something else with their life and a kid doesn’t fit into that picture. They feel that if they put this kid in the system then maybe someone who wants a kid will take him/her and raise them as their own and make them have a great life but that’s not always true.

People do Foster Care for many different reasons, there are many people that do Foster Care for the money, some do it because they love kids, and some do it for the fun of it. Whatever reason you do it for doesn’t matter as long as you treat the kids like they need to be treated, kids deserve love, affection, and to live the life that was meant for them to live, not for them to be beaten or put down or used for drugs or for money or treated badly because they don’t have the money or time. Kids need your time and money and love, don’t do Foster Care because you get money out of it and treat that kids badly because they aren’t yours because they are just a source of money. Kids are humans and deserve to be treated as such. Kids need to be treated right so that they can grow up and treat their kids the right way, that’s what the Foster Care system is for right? But not always what come out of it. Kids get abused in foster home maybe worse than the home they were taken from in the first place, that’s not right nor okay. The Foster Care system simply doesn’t do what they say they will do, they lie about that and they just want money, they don’t care about the kids they only care about their self’s.

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