Virgin Airline Corporate Social Responsibility

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Virgin Airline Company is an airline company owned by Sir Richard Branson, along with the Singapore airlines. It stands out as one of the top performing airline companies in the industry currently in Britain. This company, like any other was formed with the major objective of making profit and it has to do all that it takes to realize this goal. In pursuit of this goal, the company impacts on the environment, both negatively and positively since the company exists majorly to provide service to the society without which, it can’t survive.

The company, despite existing to maximize profit, is entitled to take responsibility considering the positive stance, not just accumulating profits at the expense of the society (Farmer, 2007). Sir Branson’s Company does enjoy the services of its employees and that is why it is riding high in the Airline industry. These employees are drawn from the society which forms the environment, where the business operates. One of the positive stances undertaken by the Company is providing job opportunities to members of the society.

This improves living standards of the individual employees and their families. Virgin Airline Company has to be close to the society and provide the best service to the society members including the best salaries to employees such that both the company and the society benefit. The company also serves to provide high quality services to passengers at subsidized prices during such periods as holidays and festive seasons. Environment conservation is a crucial responsibility to be accomplished by the company.

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This social activity can be done by sensitizing the employees, stakeholders, customers and the entire society and encouraging them to personally get engaged in conserving it. The more healthy the environment, the more productive the employees will be and this impacts positively both on the society and Virgin Company. Safety and sanitation is also considered by the company such that there is maximum safety in the working condition of the employees. The Organization also supports energy conservation. Virgin airline has had to use bio-fuel in several cases such as in February 2008 when it used bio-fuel made from coconut oil.

It is imperative for the company to consider for example, providing social amenities to the community. The profits gotten by Virgin Atlantic Airline Company basically comes from the fare paid by passengers who come from the society. By investing back into the society, the company simply gives back part of what belongs to it. Supporting such social amenities as education through sponsorships and scholarships as well as funding the construction of health facilities, of which the Company does, serve to improve the society’s status hence mutual benefit for both the company and the society.

In conclusion, the company hence is entitled too ensure it is in is in good relations with the society, its employees, consumers and other stakeholders in the society. Making maximum profit is not to be the only objective instead this has to be accompanied with communal social responsibility to the society (Farmer, 2007).


Farmer, N. (2006). Social responsibility, Detroit: Lexington Books.

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