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Corporate Social Responsibility task

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One thing it has done is source a lot Of its products from local suppliers e. G. All Waitress fresh chicken, beef and pork, bacon, duck and goose are sourced room the [J which helps local communities as it increases the profits of the local suppliers and allows them to expand which allows them to increase their workforce. Increasing the suppliers workforce helps the community as it decreases unemployment rates and increases the amount of money that stays in the community.

This is very important to local communities as usually 95% of a business's income is taken away from the local community but by altering its supply methods and improving its employee bonuses John Lewis removes a lot less. Another way the John Lewis Partnership has had a positive impact on the coal community is through its employee bonuses which are substantially larger than most other supermarkets. This helps the local community as it gives the employees more disposable income which is likely to be spent in the local community.

It also helps employees to maintain financial stability through the Christmas period which would help the community as there would not be as many community members in debt after Christmas. The John Lewis Partnership has also helped the local community through its community matters scheme which offers its employees the opportunity to work with the community on local projects. This combined with their investment of Ell million into the local community has benefited their local communities a lot.

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This helps the local community as it not only gives them the funds to make a change but access to a large workforce to get it done. The final way the John Lewis Partnership helps the local community is by using diverse recruitment methods which helps different parts of the local community to learn about each other's cultures and helps people who would find it hard to get a job. An example of this is their elderly recruitment which provides jobs to elderly people who normally would find it hard to get a job.

This would also set an example for other business in the area and so increase diverse recruitment methods in other businesses. The John Lewis Partnership also has a negative impact on local communities as its Waitress products are often a higher price than other supermarkets which could cause problems for people with money troubles as they would not be able to afford as much. This may also cause a class divide in some areas as some would be financially able to shop at John Lewis or Waitress whereas other would not and so this may split the community.

The John Lewis Partnership has also been linked to an increase in house rises as people are willing to pay more for a house located near a Waitress. This effect has been noticed by estate agents in areas that a Waitress has been built nearby with some claiming it increases house prices by up to 25%. This would affect people who want to move into the area as they may find fewer houses in their budget. This would also affect the diversity of the local community as it would reduce the amount of people who have a lower income in the area.

This would however have a positive impact on people already living in the area as their house value would increase. The final negative impact that Waitress has had is that in some communities it has caused traffic problems as people from the local area flock in to use the store. This would affect the environment as some of these people would have driven further than normal so that they can use Waitress rather than a different store. This would also affect the local area which would become more congested and would have to spend Moore to maintain the roads.

Overall I think that the John Lewis partnership is good for the local community as it offers the local community a range of high quality products and has advanced ethical consumerism a lot. Also the main negative impacts John Lewis has are difficult for them to change and they are still trying to improve on these effects such as offering a value range to make Waitress a more affordable option and looking to decrease its impact on congestion such as at its Guilford site which is located near a large junction they have paid for the council to improve the roads.

McDonald's McDonald's is probably the most improved business I have researched as it has received a lot of negative publicity on its CAR choices in the past but is now trying to improve its public image. One way it has done this is by advertising its various green schemes that reduce the impact they have on the environment. The most visual form of this environmental change is their packaging which has been altered so it is now more biodegradable and smaller.

This helps the local community as it makes it easier for the council to deal with any litter that is dropped by a customer and it reduces the amount of waste McDonald's contributes to the local land fill. Another way McDonald's green schemes have helped the local community is that it has increased its local product sourcing. This decreases the air miles of he food and reduces the amount of money that is removed from the local community. This helps support local agriculture which is at threat due to other companies sourcing products from overseas.

This also helps to support the local economy as a transnational corporation usually removes a lot of money from local communities and so the more money it spends on local produce the less impact it has on the local economy. McDonald's also helps the local community by bringing a lot of jobs to their community and hiring people with little or no experience which helps some members of the local community improve their ability to work. This also helps people in higher education as often McDonald's working hours are quite flexible and so they can work their without it affecting their education.

The final way they are trying to help the local community is by decreasing the amount of litter found around the community. They are doing this by funding local council bins and putting litter bins outside of their restaurants. This helps the local community as it makes it a cleaner place and improves its image which would increase the amount of people who would want to visit the area. This also helps reduce the cost for the council when dealing with an areas litter problem. McDonald's has had substantial negative impacts on the local community as well.

The main impact it has had is on the health of the local people as many of their best selling products are unhealthy and the products that are healthy have been criticized as they often do not appeal to their customer base. This is shown in a daily mail article called "McDonald's shares fall as customers shun new healthier items on the menu" that links recent price drops to customers rejecting the healthier McDonald's products. Although McDonald's are trying to combat litter in their local communities, they are one of the main causers of it. This is shown by a 2009 survey that McDonald's packaging makes up for a third of the Auk's litter.

Also a lot of their delivery packaging contributes to local landfills which if filled would have to be expanded or a new local site would have to be created which would decrease the appeal of the local area. Overall I think that McDonald's is bad for the local community as although it is trying to reduce its impact on the local community it still has a strong impact on the local populations' health and the cleanliness of the surrounding area. This would decrease the appeal of the area which may lead to problems such s a decrease in house prices, less tourism and less people visiting the area to use the local shops.

As I have mentioned above, McDonald's is often criticized for it negative effects on the customer's health and its low sales in its healthy options. To decrease these negative effects McDonald's should look to invest in research on improving the nutritional value of their food. This research should include trials of various food ideas in some of their stores so that they can work out which ones to spread chain wide and which to improve on. After improving the healthiness of their product range they should then Penn a large amount of money on a new advertising campaign that advertises the largest changes e. . A large decrease in calories or saturated fat in their burgers. This should also include a look at their Other positive improvements such as their care for the environment and anything else related to the welfare of their customers and the environment they live in. Due to McDonald's advertisement of its healthier product range the company's image should improve. This should help to set up a business deal with a new healthy food partner such as Real Foods, Weight watchers, Wellness Foods or another healthy food company who would be happier to e associated with a healthier McDonald's.

With one of these healthy food company McDonald's should work with them to try and improve the taste of their healthier product range so that it seems a more attractive option to customers. This would allow McDonald's to gain a larger customer base as then only other large fast food chain that can advertise the healthiness of its food is subway who McDonald's could take customers from. This could also be used to try and appeal to a larger customer base as some organizations, such as weight watchers, offer their own food range for people who are dieting.

If they sold weight watchers dieting products or certified some of their own products as recommended by a healthy food company then they would probably attract a lot of new customers as their main competition, KEF and Burger King do not offer any specific dieting products. Another benefit of this is that they could work with a company such as Real Foods to increase the amount of special diet foods on their menu. This would increase their customer base as it would attract people that are vegetarian, vegan or have an allergy to things like gluten or wheat.

This improvement would greatly improve McDonald's image as they would come the market leader in healthy fast food which, with its environmental work, would alter the view of groups such as PETA who would not target them as much. This image change would also increase the amount of children (one of their prime demographics) that go to McDonald's as parents would be happier to take them if they had healthy food. SAD SAD benefits the local community mainly through its SAD foundation program which supports a lot of small charities located around the ILK.

This is especially helpful to the local community as most businesses only support arguer charities but as SAD has this program it can donate to smaller charities that need the money to improve their functionality in the local community. So far this year the program has donated almost E3000000 to a wide variety of charities which often offer specialist support for members of the community. Another way SAD is helping the local community is through its new plan to give Store space to local authorities, businesses, voluntary groups and educational services.

It is giving this space as a lot more customers are buying online and so the stores do not need as much space for stock. This helps the local community as it means that customers are more likely to find out about various groups and community projects in their community. The final way SAD has had a positive impact on the local community is through its community life program which offers customers the opportunity to vote on what SAD should do with the money it plans on investing in the local community. This helps the local community as it increases the relativity of the changes for the local community.

This also encourages other groups to consult the community more due to the increased advertisement they receive from voters. SAD has also had a negative community due to where it's building. A lot of Sad's stores are deliberately located near another supermarket to try and reduce its profits. The problem with this is that often they can't find a suitable site near enough and so use planning loopholes and other methods such as paying for an improved transport system to secure sites that aren't meant to be built on.

This affects the community negatively because it is likely that there would have been a reason for the council not wanting the supermarket being built there (e. G. The site had natural beauty). This also effects where the average shopper purchases goods as many of these stores are located out of town or on the edge of towns many people are drawn away from the shopping area Of the town and so are less likely to purchase something from that area. Due to Sad's delivery service many of their Lorries have to go into smaller towns to make deliveries.

This poses problems for the local community as they may not have the infrastructure needed for Lorries to travel through their town which could cause damage to the roads and congestion. This effects the local community as the council would have to pay for any damage one to the road and the local people may find it harder to get to their destination. Like other supermarkets, SAD cause 2 main problems, increased traffic and a decrease in business for local shops.

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