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A house Divided: Abortion and Slavery in America Analysis

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In 1856, Lincoln stood out as he opposed the sovereignty doctrine and freedom for states to choose whether to continue practicing slavery or free all of their slaves. His assertion was that the country had to make a choice either to continue with slavery or make the slaves free in all states. This was based on the understanding that all the states were bound by one constitution.

For the country to stand as one, it had to make a single choice. Today the country is being faced by the debate of prolife and pro-choice. To the pro-choice, the decision to keep or terminate the lie of the unborn child is left on the hands of the mother while the prolife believe the unborn child enjoys the same rights just as any other person (Melton, nd). These serious divisions have the potential to split our country along the line of whether to grant the rights to the mother or the unborn child.

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In both cases, proponents of anti slavery and pro life had and have a moral argument against an evil that deprives our society of an obligation to protect the life of the unborn just as we protect the living.  It is definite that there cannot be any middle ground in the case relating to abortion. We need either to fully support the pro-choice and continue blatantly killing the helpless young humans who have no power to defend themselves.

On the other, hand we can embrace the logic of the pro-lifers and give the unborn children a chance to enjoy the right to life and other rights later when they see the light in their lives. Just as in the case of slavery, the pursuit of our rights should not be allowed to deprive other humans their equal rights. The law should come out straight and define the fact that, ending the life now is no different from ending it later. By then the question of whether we are killing through abortions shall have been answered.


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