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In construction industry, professionals must be able to follow different rules, policies for designing and building any infrastructure. One of these is the adherence of construction professionals for sustainable design. Accordingly, the practice of enhancing the efficiency of the buildings and their use of water, materials, and energy as well as reduction of building impact on the health of the people and the environment is called sustainable designing or also known as sustainable building.

In doing so, the authorities responsible for green building adhere to this needs by conducting an effective and efficient complete building life cycle which include better sitting, designing, constructing, operation, maintenance and removal (Hopkins, 2002). Sustainable design brings together an immense array of approaches and practices to decrease or completely eliminate the negative effects of buildings on the environment.

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Accordingly, sustainable design can be defined as structures or buildings which have minimum or low adverse effects on both natural and build environment as well as the immediate surroundings and the wider regional and global setting. The adherence of sustainable design can affect my career in many ways. First, sustainable design trends in terms of methods and materials may have a great influence on how I consider the materials and methods that I can use for sustainable designing.

being a professional who adheres to the trends of sustainable or green building I can say that this concept affects me in thinking about how the construction materials and methods will affect the occupants. Herein, I am able to determine quality and the conditions of the materials and anticipate its impacts on the health of the occupants.

Secondly, this context affects my career in a way that I can be able to be more competitive I using materials which has natural benefit to the design, In this regard, I can be able to be more resourceful and environmental friendly by fitting the construction and its design procedures into the natural environment (Jones, 1998) in order to take advantage of existing free benefits like heat and light from the sun, the shading from the trees as well as the insulation from hillside topography in order to decrease the land impact and the need for non-renewable resources or wasteful use of resources.

Lastly, my career can be affected by sustainable design in a way that it will help me broaden my knowledge in identifying the most appropriate and environmental-friendly technological and technical equipments. Some scholars believed that even if technology can enable people to gain sustainability, it also have the capacity to harm the environment if it will not be used cautiously.

Hence, being a professional, I can be able to determine which can be used in the sustainable designing. Reference Jones, DL 1998. Architecture and the Environment, Woodstock and New York: The Overlook Press Hopkins, R. 2002. A Natural Way of Building. Transition Culture.

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