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The wide array of distinguishable breakfast dishes that will be standard at every property is a first for Hyatt. ” (Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Announces New Breakfast Menu: 15 Innovative Signature Dishes Exclusively Available At Hyatt Properties. Available at URL : http://www. hyatt. com/hyatt/about/press/pr-show. jsp? id=1300422 ). According to Paul Daly, executive director of Food and Beverage for Hyatt, the innovation will make many customers return to Hyatt again after eating their exclusive breakfast because this is the feature they will not find elsewhere.

By improving the customers’ experience, the management seeks to build firmer relationships with them. "This is an exciting first step for Hyatt's food and beverage re-invigoration campaign. We want our guests to wake-up and expect that they are going to eat the best breakfast in town. Whether at a resort, in the city or the suburbs, Hyatt guests will awake to the freshest of fare that will help them get a great start to the day. " (Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Announces New Breakfast Menu: 15 Innovative Signature Dishes Exclusively Available At Hyatt Properties.

Available at URL: http://www. hyatt. com/hyatt/about/press/pr-show. jsp? id=1300422 ). Leading hotels of the world have also been one of the first companies in the industry to start applying e-marketing tools in order to attract customers. As it was mentioned above, application of e-marketing tools is very important for building a successful relationship with customers. Marriott International, Hyatt, Radisson SAS and Four Seasons have been very efficient in communicating with its customers through their website.

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The management of these companies has realized that in order to be the leading hotels of the world, they needed to apply not only the traditional marketing tools but also innovative e-marketing tools. Due to the well-developed websites the companies were able to acquire many new customers and target new consumer segments. A summary of the value of relationship marketing for the practical marketing activity of the case study organisation at present and in the future. Hilton Hotels Corporation is one of the leading hotels in the world.

The company is known for the highest quality of its services, luxurious rooms and great working environment. The most important strengths of internal environment of Hilton Hotels Corporation which enable the company to establish steady relationships with consumers include:  Maximum satisfaction of consumers ;  Efficient loyalty program; Recognition of the company in the world market;  Easy access of the company’s website;  Constant innovation. Many consumers have already made a choice to stay at Hilton every time they travel due to the highest quality of service which the company offers to them.

Hilton Hotels Corporation targets consumers with a high level of income, and they expect maximum satisfaction from their stay at a hotel. By giving the highest level of service to customers, employees of Hilton Hotels Corporation motivate them to stay at the hotels of the chain in future in order to repeat their amazing experience. “Be My Guest” is still the gracious and warm way we want for our guests to feel at Hilton hotels and resorts” (About Hilton Hotels. Available at URL: http://www. hilton. com/en/hi/brand/about).

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