Computer Programing Engineering

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Why did I choose Computer Programing Engineering major? In today's world there exist all sorts of challenges to excite the keenest minds around its surroundings. To meet these challenges one would have to invent new techniques, new instruments and new approaches, which could easily open windows into the unknown area of nature and lead us to work at frontiers of science and contribute to world stock of knowledge. To compete with these scientific advances, engineering and scientific study are the key elements for a new innovation and research programs.

My long term goal was to be a Computer engineer. The guy from a village that no one has heard of and who had to cross various paths and finally made it here and that person is me. This has been my childhood ambition to study for Computer engineer program. As I heard from my high school teachers, XYZ has the finest and excellent Computer engineering program in the country. My dream has certainly come alive; I am still studying and working hard to achieve my childhood dream. XYZ is an exemplary and a top standard university in State. I feel proud to be a student in this university.

Before my day at this university, I came to see a significant amount about this field. I spoke with few modern Computer engineers, and asked them questions about their career. After spending time with those engineers, I came to realize that computer engineer are needed for various jobs all around the globe, and the work is tedious but in the end the computer engineers get paid hefty for their works. Most of the time computer engineers deal with designing and manufacturing memory systems, peripheral devices, and central processing units.

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Computers are part of our daily life. We use them from microwave machines to smart phones and including cars. This creates an enormous eccentric for production and manufacturing of new products all around the world. One of the best examples comes from the Apple Company, each time when a person uses his or her iPhone or iPad they see a little note at the bottom that says "the product was designed in California and manufactured in China". This also brings the needs of every computer engineer for various jobs.

A computer engineer could work with CAD for an auto company or establish a data room for the government buildings or simply create a website for someone’s needs. I choose Computer engineering as my major for many reasons. First, I am extremely innovative in subjects working with programing and fixing microprocessors, and I also adore in them. Second is due to the benefits of income and the prolonged need of computer engineers everywhere around the world today. After my graduation from here, I am hoping to have a job that will financially take care of me and also excite me every day about my work.

I have also planned my goals for upcoming semesters in XYZ Computer program. I am looking forward towards all my classes and its activities and new subjects to study. In order to see my future in a better place, I have set my goals towards hard working in my life in here at XYZ, and hoping that after four more years I’ll finally have my goal achieved. Until then, I will keep my mind and body focused to the task at hand, so I have nothing to focus other than my studies.

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