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Mechanical engineering

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Are you interested in Jobs that require athletic or mechanical ability, working with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or being outdoors? You enjoy working with your hands, tools, machines, and things that are practical, mechanically and physically inclined. Careers you would enjoy Architecture Chef / / Hospitality Management Engineering Information Technology Mechanical / Automobile Engineering Music Pharmacy Pilot / Aviation Veterinarian Are you interested in jobs with people who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyses, evaluate or solve problems?

You enjoy working with theory and information. You are analytical, intellectual and scientific. Computer Science Economy Mathematics & Statistics Medicine / Dentistry Psychology Sciences Journalism Are you interested in Jobs involving artistic, innovative or intuitive abilities, and like to work in unstructured creative situations? You are non-conforming, original, independent and creative though sometimes chaotic. Acting Advertising Writing / Authoring Architecture / Interior Design / Graphic Design Dancing Designing / Photography Reporting Do you like to work with people to inform, help, train, enlighten, develop or cure or are you skilled with words? You enjoy working in cooperative environments and are supportive, helpful, healing and nurturing. Therapy Counseling Education Hospitality Psychiatry Sociology Public Relations Client Servicing Are you interested in Jobs where you work with people to influence, perform, persuade or lead for organizational goals or economic gain?

You enjoy working in competitive environments and are good at leading, persuading, dominating and rumoring. Administration Business Communication Hospitality & Tourism Banking / Investment Law / Politics Marketing / Advertising Management / Construction Management Are you interested in Jobs that involve data, clerical tasks or numerical ability; carrying things out in detail or following instructions? You like working with data and have clerical or numerical ability. You are precise, detailed, orderly and organized. Actuary Banking Clerical Retailer Secretarial Quantity Surveying

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Mechanical engineering

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