Comptetitive Advantage of Fiat

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Also, Fiat has a control (almost 60% of the shares) over he legendary Ferreira which is a huge competitive advantage itself. Innovativeness: Fiat is a very innovative brand, they can adapt to industry changes very well. For example, their Alfa Romeo Mitt is a prototype of the brand's future sport style based on an optimized power-to-weight ratio. Also, Fiat ICC with electrically controlled soft top is a very innovative car. Their innovative products enable Fiat to gain competitive advantage among its competitors and help Fiat to differentiate its products.

Distribution Network: Fiat has a very well organized distribution network spread around the whole world. Environmentalist: Fiat is the pioneer carmaker that has responded most effectively to the need to limit impact that transport has on the environment. Fiat is the leader brand for the production of compact cars, the most environment-friendly cars, like Flat 500. R;D center of Flat managed to reduce emission too minimum percentage. All of those advantages are sustainable and well working.

But Flat needs to continue to Improve its quality. Flat cars were not considered as the best cars In the world. But since the early sass's, Flat Improved Its quality dramatically. Yet, Flat needs to continue to Improve Its quality If they want to be considered as a high quality car producer. If they can Increase their quality, their value would Increase as well. Since they have control over legendary Ferreira and Mistreat, the luxury sports cars, Flat has the necessary assets to reach that prestigious status.

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