Advantage of internet in doing business

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Convenience Reduced or no face to face contact with the customer. The business schedules time for customer response rather than being at the demand of the customer , as In telephone or face-to-face contact Business can attend to their customers at any time, not just during normal trading hours Vela social network, business can not only communicate with customers quickly but also retrieve customers' feedback Immediately and directly. Savings

No shop rent If business Is only conducted on the Internet May need less staff and enables to hire excellent workers from all over the world for various tasks, such as: translating Job, business writing or seeding, code writing for website. Having a website Is a constant form of advertising to the public as It means information is available about services, products, business, promotions, contact detail, etc Business does not need to transport goods from ware house to shop, but an send them directly to the customers from the warehouse.

Save marketing cost: traditional mass marketers have to send out thousands of postal mails to customers in order to introduce new products or services. Owing to internet, namely electronic mail (email) business saves such big amount of cost for postal expense and email printing cost. Speed Orders can be sent immediately, and transactions can be settled online. Funds are electronically transferred from the customers' account to the business after authorization.

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The transaction date is collected in electronic form and entered into an accounting package. Via social network, business can not only communicate with customers quickly but also retrieve customers' feedback immediately and directly instead of positively waiting for customers' comments via phone or complaint letter. Quickly reach target customers and study characteristic of target markets

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