Competitive Advantage – Customer-Orientation Strategy

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Club IT desires to understand their information needs and is in a process to evaluate the enterprise on the whole. Entertainment industry is one which needs to understand closely the customer and innovate self to grow and exploit technology for their own use.

The first section is devoted to identifying the problems associated with the company. Once the process is done, the company stands at a new juncture to take up the innovation and act swiftly for progress.

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The second section is aimed at discussing the ERP, SCM and CRM needs of the enterprise which would not only cut costs but allow them to provide stringent regulations. The ecstasy is in optimizing the business life cycle which immensely helps in reducing effort and time.

Club IT has technology which is serving their present needs, however they desire something new, something innovative which would not only provide them an integrated and controlled environment but also takes care of the marketing of the enterprise.  The three primary issues can be discussed as follows:

  1. Online booking of seats and participation: The exploitation of internet technologies would ensure better use of the online portal for booking advance seats at the dinner table. It would not only foster better accessibility but would also provoke for an initiative from the customer side. This strategy would also place the customer in a position to provide feedbacks for their improvement. Aligning a dream party program and wish list system for the Club IT would cultivate better long term relations with the customers.
  2. Non presence of business intelligence system: Knowing the customer wit fully is a challenge to any enterprise and Club IT being an entertainment business is not left out of the net. Having a business intelligence system would collaborate all efforts to know their business loopholes in a better manner. It would bring intelligence into the lifeless resources like menu, dance floor, bar and booth. Whether some menus needs modification, change or complete deletion, dance floor need extension, booth is adequately filled or not would foster better customer retention on long term basis.
  3. Customer support online is poor: The fallback option for the customers is quite ineffective. If the customer desires to give a call or ask for a quotation, ask for a table booking, special ceremonial bookings, the support for emailing the customers support or chatting online or giving them an instance call would be largely beneficial for Club IT.  This factor also proves their lack of implementing their marketing strategies.

Club IT’s information resources include intranet resources. The information resources at the exposure to Club IT are the access privileges which ensure security in access of information. It guarantees large scale data security in access.

The information system to store their inventory, their daily activities in various departments is all possible using the present system. The current activities desire integration of data among several departments (Harrison, 2005).

Information Strategy for - ‘Customer Orientation’

Customer orientation is a very competitive marketing oriented strategy to deeply understand customer’s view of the business. It ensures a better acquire, retention and enhancing of the customer base for creating a long term relationship with the customer. Technology would assist Club IT in an effective manner for fetching the right sight towards development of customer base and create a long lasting relationship.

Club IT can implement a seamlessly integrated software which would host all functionality namely supplier association, purchases, sales and distribution, finance, ordering of materials, reorder levels and many others. This software would be used by various roles in the organization would be able to seamlessly interconnect its departments for their purpose. An ERP software like that of SAP Business One or Microsoft Dynamics or some Open source ERP software’s would be quite suitable for enhancing the integration process. It would govern the organization within a scope and all operations would be to restrict Club IT with various rules and restrictions (Cooper, 2003). The SCM and CRM aspect can also be easily incorporated using the above mentioned ERP systems. It would reduce the business operation lifecycle (Ballou, 2002).


Using the ERP system, Club IT would bind the business entities together in a better way and would extend large scale ability to manage their information base well for business continuity and development.


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